Girl in a Bedouin Tent by Annie West

Review by Nas

GIRL IN A BEDOUIN TENT by Annie West is a Harlequin Mills & Boon Modern(UK), Presents(NA) and Sexy(Aust/NZ) release.

Prince Amir, Sheikh of Tarakhar, prided himself on his developed and law-abiding desert Kingdom. Imagine his surprise when he is presented with a sex-slave who was kidnapped from his kingdom by the neighbouring bandit chief. He is livid with anger. He saves Australian volunteer teacher Cassandra Denison, after a week of Cassie pretending to be his mistress at the bandit camp.

Amir feels the explosive chemistry between them but tries to keep himself aloof for he has given his word that Cassie would be safe. Giving in to their desire they discover their sizzling sensuality take them to unexpected places. But where will it end? Once back at the royal palace, Amir installs Cassie in the harem away from family and friends. Is he ashamed of her?

Will Cassie calmly accept a place  in Amir’s harem and not in his heart? And the whole kingdom is buzzing with news of their Sheikh’s imminent nuptial, what will happen to Cassie now?

GIRL IN THE BEDOUIN TENT is guaranteed to take you places and make you forget your immediate surroundings. It’s alpha but sensitive hero and a strong heroine who stands up for herself is a magical escape to the sheikhdom.  

The sensuality in the love scenes is astounding.

Annie West is one of Harlequin’s most consistent writers and she always delivers fabulous page-turners which readers find absolutely impossible to put down. GIRL IN THE BEDOUIN TENT is fast-paced and feel-good romance that sparkles with red-hot sensuality, sizzling sex scenes, mesmerizing emotion and intense passion.

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