Undone By His Touch by Annie West

Review by Nas

UNDONE BY HIS TOUCH by author Annie West is a Mills & Boon Modern and Harlequin Presents release for April 2012.

Declan Carstairs lost his eyesight in a freak accident. He also lost his younger brother in that accident. So he blames himself for failing his brother when he needed him the most. Tortured and tormented, he goes away from Sydney to his family mansion in the Blue Mountains to recuperate.

Chloe Daniels comes back to her housekeeper job at the mansion to find her gorgeous boss in the swimming pool. She feels her dormant desire stir at the sight of him. After the death of her school-teacher husband several years before, she had kept herself in a safe emotional cocoon.   

Declan enjoys sparring with Chloe as she refuses to pity him and treats him as the strong, capable man he is. Soon he finds himself seeking out Chloe just for her company.

But he wants revenge on the woman who had spurned his brother which led to his death. He had exhausted all avenues open to him to look for his brother’s girlfriend. But he didn’t know that letting passionate Chloe close to him would ignite the spark which could melt his ruthless heart. And bring back his sight. At his first look at sleeping Chloe in his bed also brought with it the betrayal, guilt and self loathing. Why does Declan hate Chloe after looking at her?   

Annie West does a great job showing how people lie to themselves to save their feelings and soothe their egos. Both Declan and Chloe have plenty of emotional baggage with their names on it. How will they get past all their secrets and guilt?

Shimmering with breathtaking romance, spectacular emotional punch, a believable conflict and vivid atmospheric details UNDONE BY HIS TOUCH is sure to thrill readers and is another fantastically sensual romance from the fabulous pen of Annie West.
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