The Water Baby by Cherie Le Clare

Reviewed by Maria

This is the second Cherie Le Clare novel I've read.  The first one was KIWI KISS, a wartime romance, as exquisite a piece of writing as ever I've read.  This contemporary story THE WATER BABY is completely different, but there's a common character in both.  That's the beautiful country of New Zealand.  It's not a place in which I've ever had much interest, but if it's on my list of places I have to see before I leave this planet, it's all due to Cherie Le Clare.  Her lovingly crafted prose brings the place fascinatingly alive before your eyes.

Different writers have different types of talent.  Some writers have a flow that brings you speedily to a conclusion.  Others have the knack of drawing you in and bewitching you, so that you never actually want the story to end.  This writer belongs to the second group.  This is a book to linger over, to just get lost in.

Not that I'm disinterested in how this couple reaches their conclusion.  From the moment Kiwi Frazer catches the Californian Jasmine practically skinny dipping in his outdoor swimming pool, I've been hooked.  I almost died of embarrassment along with her, could feel the water dripping off as she emerged, mortified from the pool.

Ms. Le Clare is a sensitive writer who is well up to the challenge of chronicling the story of a growing relationship, the journey of two people stepping out of the shadows of their individual pasts and into a future, hopefully a brighter and better one.

As is the trend with contemporary romance today, there are love scenes which are frankly described, but the language used is poetic rather than erotic.

Well done, Cherie, you've written a memorable work

You can grab a copy of the ebook here.

Or here if you live in the UK.

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