Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh

Reviewed by Nas

Crazy Love

CRAZY LOVE by USA Bestselling Author Nicola Marsh is a September 2012 release.

Marc Fairley came looking for his divorcee mother, Olivia, when he gets her email that she is on the verge of getting married to a local farmer in a small town. And to make matters worse she met her farmer fiancé online through a Internet dating service.

Sierra Kent is the Internet Matchmaking site's owner. She lived in the small town named Love, so what else would she do? She matched people to live happily after! By making them fall in love.

Olivia was her client and Sierra's computer matched her with Hank, the local farmer. So Marc strides in her office, to ask about her matchmaking, and sparks fly.

The dialogue is snappy, fast and hilarious. Sierra gives back as good as she gets.
Marc starts getting close to Sierra but can their fling last? After all Marc is a no commitment man. He runs the other way when women get too serious. Then he finds that Sierra's company is on the top of his hit list- to takeover. So will he get the company and lose the girl or lose the company and get the girl? He needs to buy out the company to be one of the top.

Flo is another small town character. She is fun, witty and hilarious. And she is old, but falls in love with Marc's butler Will.

CRAZY LOVE is a small town based romance story. Nicola Marsh is a terrific writer who creates likeable characters. I loved reading about the affairs of secondary characters. The sensuality in the love scenes is scorching hot. Yet the relationship and trust issue depicted in this story is realistic. This is a romance story highly worth reading!

My rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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Reviewed by Maria

Sierra Kent is in love.  The town, I mean.  On the basis of which, she runs a wildly successful dating agency.  It gives her a good life and keeps her in the manner to which she has become accustomed.  But it all threatens to come crashing down when Marc Fairley storms into her office.  He thinks he has the pretty redhead all figured out.  And he figures that Sierra has matched  up his trusting mother with her uncle just to get their hands on the lady's considerable financial assets. Sierra knows this.  What she doesn't know is that Marc is also rapidly getting into a position to buy Sierra out of her business.  What's a girl to do?  She has to convince him that things are otherwise of course, with regard to her matchmaking efforts.  But how?  Well, strange things happen when you're in any Lovernian will tell you!

Brimming with witty dialogue and unforgettable characters, this book will capture your heart......or at least your undivided attention....... for as long as the story lasts.  Unputdownable is a word that runs through my head here........

I'll share a little secret.  Nicola Marsh is my very favouritest author at the moment.  I positively hoard up her books for those special, quiet moments when the kids are out of  my hair and the hubs is otherwise engaged...with work or something.  I treat her books on a par with my other obsession - chocolate.  The common feature between Nicola's books and chocolate is that they're both the most delectable morsels, which you simply have to treasure and enjoy.

Grab this one,girls, it's a gem!

5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Desere

Fast,fresh,fun and delightful is only a few words that come to mind when describing the fun and funky new book by brilliant author Nicola Marsh.

I fell hopelessly in love with the town LOVE and with the characters,every character was unique in a fresh new way. The scenes very vivid and so much fun to read!

And having Sierra be the guru behind the charade so to speak into which Marc has to stride into was truly  awesome ! I loved how we had a feisty Sierra vs a non committing and argumentive Marc it made the book so much more enjoyable.

Nicola Marsh has always been a favourite of mine as she is always able to create the type of books that can simply sweep you away into a world of romance and while your there believe me you will not want to come back!

Well done Nicola !

5/5 star review