The Hidden Heart of Rico Rossi by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas

Hidden Heart of Rico Rossi (Modern)
The Hidden Heart of Rico Rossi (Mills & Boon Modern)
Mills & Boon : Sexy Duo/The Hidden Heart Of Rico Rossi/Marrying The Enemy

THE HIDDEN HEART OF RICO ROSSI by author Kate Hardy is a Mills & Boon Modern release for August 2012 and a Harlequin Presents release for September 2012.

After a lotto win, accountant Ella Chandler went for a visit to Rome. She met handsome tour guide Rico Rossi, and had a passionate fling.

On the verge of going back home she learnt that Rico was just not a tour guide but the CEO of the chain of hotels. She disliked liars as she had met a few before and been hurt by them. She launched her own baking business and tried to forget Rico, but unsuccessfully.

She finds that Rico was present at her launch party. Facing him, she finds that the chemistry is strong between them and Rico is still hot and gorgeous! They have unexpected consequences for their sizzling attraction. How will they deal with it?
Rico was not a family man; he wouldn't even know how to be a father, so how can he even consider it?

And Ella realized she is head over heels in love with Rico, will he love her back?

THE HIDDEN HEART OF RICO ROSSI is a sensual, passionate romance. The growth and progression of the love between Ella and Rico, though they, themselves are not aware at the time, is depicted in a natural flow which is emotionally satisfying. We know Rico loves Ella, yet he doesn't realize it because he feels himself incapable of experiencing love.

The author, Kate Hardy has delivered a tortured hero, who doesn't believe in love, a strong feisty heroine, who ends up wanting the fairy tale love with all its frills and rolled them in a story that is filled with emotion and sizzle. Ella and Rico's story is hugely enjoyable and highly romantic tale readers will find absolutely impossible to resist.

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