Revelations of the Night Before by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by Nas

Revelations of the Night Before. Lynn Raye Harris (Modern)
Revelations of the Night Before (Mills & Boon Modern)

REVELATIONS OF THE NIGHT BEFORE by author Lynn Raye Harris is an October 2012 release by Mills & Boon Presents.

Tina D'Angeli for once in her lifetime decided to go for passion and what a consequence! She went to a masquerade ball and then decided to let passion rule her for once. After spending a passionate night with a stranger, she leaves the next morning when she peeks beneath his mask and sees who he is!

Niccolo Gavretti was a sworn enemy of the D'Angeli family. When Tina confronts him about her pregnancy, he thinks it's a trap. But the simmering chemistry between them makes him remember the one passionate encounter he had on the night of masquerade ball.

The sensuality in the love-making is breathtaking. Nico decides to keep Tina close to him but not close to his heart as Tina yearns to be. He had powerful secrets he could not share with her yet.

Can Nico forget his tumultuous childhood and let Tina in his heart?

And letting passionate Tina close to him would ignite the spark which could melt his ruthless heart. Could he do that? What about Renzo, Tina's brother? After all he and Renzo had been as close as brothers once, could they even talk to each other now?

REVELATIONS OF THE NIGHT BEFORE is a mesmerizing romance which will captivate a reader's heart. I loved revisiting Faith and Renzo, from UNNOTICED AND UNTOUCHED. It is a wonderful contemporary romance that I found charming, absorbing and moving. Lynn Raye Harris is a terrific writer who creates likeable characters, readers are sure to take to their hearts. I found Tina to be a realistic, flawed yet resilient heroine and Nico was a strong and charismatic hero I absolutely adored. It is a poignant story about letting go of the past and seizing the day!

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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