Breaking The Greek's Rules by Anne McAllister

Review by TashNz

Breaking the Greek's Rules is a December release.

Alex and Daisy shared a passionate weekend five years ago. Unfortunately he freaked out and hightailed it out of Daisy's life when she started talking about love, marriage and white picket fences. He cant love he said, he wont love and he most certainly doesn't want children! 

Alex comes back into Daisy's life and she panics, not only about the feelings simmering under the surface but from the secrets she's kept from him after all these years.

Alex is very very likeable, even with his hard hearted outlook on life, which we get to explore further on in the story.  He's not mean or uncaring in anyway, he just doesn't believe in love.  The reasons why are explored further down the track and I believe in his story.  I really like Daisy too... just like the daisy flower, she is a pretty and light breath of fresh air. I couldn't understand her reasoning behind keeping her secret for the length of time she did but I still very much wanted them to reach their happy ever after. I thought Alex handled everything quite maturely and I really really wanted him to catch a break with Daisy.

Breaking The Greeks Rules is an emotional ride which I read throughout today whenever I got a spare second. Anne McAllister is very very good at weaving tales and I really like her stories. I did enjoy Breaking the Greek's Rules and would recommend it for sure.