Her Little White Lie by Maisey Yates

Her Little White Lie

Reviewed by Desere

We all tell little white lies from time to time to make situations more bare-able, to prevent a person from being hurt you name it the reasons used by us all are endless. But imagine the lie being that you are engaged to you very sexy boss and him then storming into you office ready to fire you!What a way to start a book,but my what a book it was.I was hooked from page one!

Maisey Yates writes the most exquisite books about the sexiest of hero's and love found in the most outrageously unexpected places. But this time she added a little more mystery and damage to her hero Dante and WOW! What a incredible character he turned out to be!

Both the characters of Paige and Dante are ready to fight was what they want,in this case Dante wants Paige in his bed and Paige wants custody of her best friends adorable daughter,Anna. What I truly loved was the emotion the author packed into the scenes,and using little bits of past and present information here and there to add to the mystery of Dante and his damaged soul.

For me as reader I loved how the author pulled back layer after layer to let us inside the mind of Dante, letting you know there is much more to him and the suffering he is going through,and with the right woman to break through his defences the book is sure to be magical.

The dialogue was strong and powerful,letting me as reader know that when written the author really thought her characters through and left no amount of depth and emotion unwritten.The office romance has been done so many times yet written by this author you cannot help fall in love with the idea all over again.

A truly memorable read,and Maisey has proven without a doubt she will let her characters not only take your breath away but fill your romance reading heart with joy!

Excellent work Maisey,keep them coming!

"Exposing the boss's secrets one sexy lie at a time"

5/5 star review