Night Talk by Maxine Sullivan

Reviewed by Desere

This book was such a awesome read! It is guaranteed to cheer you up no matter what!

The story was about Cassie, a talk show radio host who comes face to face with a drop dead gorgeous Australian Zac, she thinks he is her guest "Sex therapist" for the show but in actual fact he is just a normal laid back kind of guy. But what follows is a series of funny questions about sex that the entire Chicago gets to listen in on!

At first Cassie is the "I am scared to get hurt again" woman and Zac is the "I will pull out all the stops to get you in bed" kind of guy. This created some really intense,fun and flirty moments of heat between the two that heated up the pages to the point of spontaneous combustion! Seriously ladies Zac was one really hot character, undeniably sex on legs with the sexy as sin,chocolate melting voice!

The main characters were really well depicted by this author, so well in fact I could very nearly picture the delicious Zac in front of me and see Cassie's facial expressions when she got outraged!

The very unique and clever backdrop of a radio show to bring these two together was a really nice touch. Yes it has been done before but not with this much humor and fun! There was even the "evil villains from both Cassie and Zac's past that made the book even better and more mind blowing. And I am really hoping that we will get to read the story of Adam and Erin next, as they were certainly the most interesting secondary characters I have read about in some time.

The dialogue was so funny at times it caused me to laugh out loud so much my eyes watered! But there was also true emotion and depth to some scenes written with such tenderness that I really felt sorry for Cassie and Zac.

Not wanting to spoil this for anyone, all I will say is the ending was one of total amazement and wonder really awesome touch Maxine! A really fun and sexy read!

Brilliant work!

"Pure delightful sin from down under meets his match"

5/5 star review


Reviewed by Nas

NIGHT TALK by author Maxine Sullivan is a 2013 release from Escape Publishing.

Cassie King hosts a night time radio show and invites Australian hunk for an impromptu chat. Or rather the hunk, Zac Ryan gets roped in. The audience goes wild and their rating is sky high.

Now her directors want Cassie to keep Zac on her show for a week. Would Zac agree? Zac has his own agenda, would Cassie agree to his terms?

NIGHT TALK  is a fun, entertaining, sexy and romantic story. It’s a delightfully fast-paced and feel-good romance that sparkles with mesmerizing emotion and intense passion.  I loved the fast come-backs and the sassy snappy dialogue!

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Reviewed by Maria

My goodness, what a read!  It was excellent.  It's just the kind of book to pick you up if you're in a bad mood. Cassie, a radio talk show host, is set up, pure and simple.  When the sex therapist she was supposed to interview decides not to turn up for a show, the producer sends in a substitute.  Cassie believes that she is interviewing a man who treats sex as an academic pursuit and who is practising celibacy on an experimental basis.  What she gets instead is Zac, a red blooded Aussie male.  He responds to Cassie's questions with witty one liners leaving her, not to mention the Chicago radio audience, absolutely stunned.  But Cassie is not to be outdone and her responses to Zac's rapartee soon has the radio audience in splits.  The sparks fly, the airwaves sizzle and forget reality television, the reality radio show of Cassie and Zac's  romance becomes the talk of the town.

But there are perils on the way.  Both Cassie and Zac have every reason to be cautious in relationships as they were both left in the lurch by their exes.  But those  exes are now on the periphery of their lives and threaten to cause trouble out of jealousy. of the airwave romance.  So this book will keep you in suspense to the very end.

The love scenes are tender, realistic and yes very hot.  Maxine Sullivan is a sensitive writer who is more than up to the challenge of depicting the spark, sizzle and sometimes uncertainty of a new and growing relationship and she can write hot and spicy when required.  But for me, the USP of this novel were the radio scenes.  Cassie and Zac and their radio show are pure magic together.  So readers, if you're looking for a romance novel which will charm you, intrigue you and make you laugh out loud, pick this one up.  You won't be sorry.