How to get over your ex by Nikki Logan


Reviewed by Desere

I so, so, so very much loved this book! It was fun, sexy and flirty everything I have come to expect from the new Harlequin KISS line.

The characters we both the kind of every day people you expect to find, Zander being the overbearing in control of every situation one and Georgia the one who is utterly ashamed of the one chance in life she took and in the end lost it all.

The use of public exposure in the most dramatic manner gave this read the edgy twist I was expecting therefore not disappointing me at all.

Both characters were very fun to read about and as the author pulled back the layers of each one I got more and more entranced. I could not put this one down and read it in one sitting.

Using betrayal, disappointment, love, passion and intrigue,yes ladies this read had it all, gave the book that wonderful romance meets real life feel but at the same time the sassy and flirty dialogue, settings and characters brought it all together in one perfect sexy read.

I adored how the author let the each character find their own way in life and ultimately each other,basically they save each other from downfall! Yes that has been done before but not with this much emotion and not on such a very sexy level. Loved that Nikki!!

The book is the ultimate read for the days when life has you down and you need romance to pick you right back up as it give the lesson that nothing is ever as bad as it seems even if you wish a the elevator would plummet eight floors down taking you with it.

"Sexy and sinful on air lessons to getting over your ex"

5/5 star review