Trust in Me by Suzanna Ross

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine being thrown out of your own home by a arrogant as hell, but also sexy as sin man just because he has the ownership papers clasped in his very sinful looking hands.

This is the plot of a book that took me by surprise! I was intrigued, delighted, addicted to the characters and the raging inferno of emotions the author brought forth.

I loved both the characters of Rosie and Theo, both strong minded and determined and willing to fight for what they want. This caused a lovely clash of wills and the simply stunning dialogue that follows was fresh and fun!

The author gave in depth emotion to such a powerful extent it left me with a sense of awe and wonder. I loved the backdrop setting it gave perfect illusion of romance.

This was the first book I read by this author and I will certainly be looking for more. She combines romance with a fresh and new creativity of writing.

Really well done Suzanna!

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Maria

Rosie Farnham has what could be described as a few problems.  After her fading rock star dad went off to play in the Great Gig in the Sky, she was left to take care of the manor house and estate which provided her and her two siblings with a living - not that her elder brother ever contributed much, just drained the estate of whatever assets it had.  But when big brother hits forty and cashes in  his inheritance chips, he sells the estate and leaves his two sisters without a roof over their heads.  Rosie is in a dilemma.  Where will she and her sister live?  What will happen to their tenants and very importantly, what about the inhabitants of the estate's donkey sanctuary?  She has one plan - apart from wringing her brother's neck when he sees him again - and that is to persuade the handsome business magnate Theo Bradley to keep her on as the estate manager.And of course their relationship will be strictly business - Rosie's not the least attracted to him - or is she?

As for Theo Bradley, he usually turns his acquisitions into hotels or makes them over and sells them off.  Does he see himself in the role of a country gentleman with an estate to run?  Not really - but this fiery redhead Rosie is rapidly making him think again.  A clash of wills ensues, with plenty of sizzle and emotional drama.

A word of warning - although the fashion in romance fiction is for highly sensual romances with a touch of erotica (sometimes more than a touch) this is a sweet romance.  It is written especially for those readers who enjoy a good old fashioned romance with plenty of tension - but who prefer to keep the love scenes private.  I'm not saying there isn't any snogging in the stables, dallying in the drawing room or groping in the gallery. but there will certainly not be shenanigans in the bedroom.  Well, not for the readers' eyes at least.   If you need a good read, pick this one up but if you're looking for a vicarious bedroom experience, you can give it the go by and choose from the wide range of erotic and sensual romance stories available on Amazon.  Or anywhere else.

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this gentle love story which really hit the spot and happily give it a 5/5 rating.