Fly Away Peta by Juanita Kees

 Fly Away Peta

Reviewed by Desere

Every parents fear comes true for Peta when her ten year old daughter Bella is kidnapped. Peta immediately goes into overdrive for the fight of her life to save her daughter from the clutches of her ex husband.

The heighten the suspense Peta's first and one and only true love Jaime returns to town and right back into her life.

To add to the mystery Jaime is the father of Bella and he has no idea. So that leaves Peta fighting to get her daughter back,keep the truth from Jaime and her trying all the way to keep her own heart safe.
And just like that the book took on a whole new meaning of secrets, mystery, action suspense and romance.

I loved and adored each and every character in this book,I was left with impressions of strong, independent  strong willed, caring and also scary, vile and just plain despicable.

Yes the book had all kinds of main and secondary characters not to mention loads of action, intrigue and emotion. I found myself thinking more than once that having your child kidnapped has to be one of the worst feelings of dread and the author so perfectly conveyed those feelings to me as reader that I felt true sadness and despair for poor Peta (btw Juanita I love the unique name).

The backdrop setting of the town of Williams in Western Australia was perfect. The author has a unique style of writing,combining real life situations with a the perfect ending. I recommend this read for those seeking a action packed, dramatic, realistic,romantic and suspenseful read!

5/5 star review
Review by TashNz

Fly Away Peta is such a rush. A rush of adrenalin, a rush of emotion, a rush of adventure, a rush of feelings!

Fast paced and dramatic we jump straight into the story.  Peta's daughter has been kidnapped by her ex husband and she's in the middle of negotiations to get her back when Jamie rolls back into town.  The atmosphere accelerates into high gear and I was held in suspense the whole way thru.  Jamie also happens to be Peta's past love and is soon embroiled in Peta's drama. Together with Peta, her bodyguard and her big brother the four of them race the clock to find Peta's ex husband and daughter.  There are wild goose chases, dramatic chases, blasting confrontations and nerve-wracking tense scenes mixed in with Jamie and Peta fighting their past feelings for each other... how will Jamie react when he finds out Peta's number one most important secret?

What a fantastic story that I'd recommend if you're looking for a bit of drama to spice up your day. The hours flew by as I buried my nose in this book, unable to come up for air till I had run out of pages.

Loved it!