Hitched! By Jessica Hart

Reviewed by Desere

Hitched! (Harlequin Kiss)

Jessica Hart always makes sure to capture the very hart of her readers and she has done so again!

In Hitched I discovered that this was one of those delightfully fun and easy reads,with the perfect Jessica Hart touches.

The characters were both very fun to read and each had very delightful surprises up their sleeves for the me as reader.

We have a workaholic "I always mess up everything " heroine and we have the utterly, devistantinly handsome hero that saves her from a "messy " situation.

Mrs Hart used a perfect and very enchanting setting as backdrop. Her characterization was excellent and I completely adored the idea of a wedding to bring two totally stunning characters together,and yes that has been done before but for me not with so much feeling as Mrs Hart has done it in the perfect little pick me up read.

I have also gotten to know that Mrs Hart leaves me with a feeling of love and warmth when reading her work yet this time around I felt just a little something more, the author loaded the book with emotion and truly made a connection me with as reader,through her characters.

Mrs Hart has proved that she once again knows how to add HART to her delightful tales of romance. And ladies do not let the somewhat "boring" cover scare you off ,the brilliance is inside the pages !

5/5 star review

"Getting "Hitched" has never been this romantic" 

I was provided a copy of the book by the author in exchange for a honest review.

Reviewed by Nas

Hitched! (Harlequin Kiss)

HITCHED by author Jessica Hart is a February 2012 release.

George Challoner was intrigued and mystefied by Frith, as she was know. She was an engineer and worked outside building things.

A fiesty, smart mouthed, not very feminine and in dirty man's clothes, George himself wondered what the attraction was.

Yet he couldn't stay away from her. Then she had to plan her famous model sister's hen's night party and she was short one person. Now either she could take George with her as her date or go as the single she was.

HITCHED is an entertaining, amusing romanctic tale. I love Jessica Hart's brand of romance and this was no exception. This is a story with snappy dialogue which I thoroughly enjoyed. It provided some lighter moments as well as significant emotional scenes.

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Reviewed by Maria

Frith (delightful name – Anglo-Saxon I think!) is an engineer who believes in the principle of planning to work and working to plan.  Having seen loss of love wreck her mother’s life, she is determined that this will never happen to her.  And George?  Well George thinks Frith should let her her hair down.  A whole lot more than she does.  He does a few things to loosen her up a little – like filling her phone with chortling ringtones and embarrassing the sense out of her.  He nearly drives her crazy.  But Frith needs a date for her sister’s wedding and George is better than nothing – she quite enjoys telling her sister on the phone how George is crazy about her but she needs her space.  That she’s just using him for sex and nothing more.  So all George has to do is to turn up at the wedding with her and act like a lovesick puppy.  George quite enjoys all this too.  But will this unlikely pair get it together?

I’ll tell you something – you’ll enjoy reading this little gem to find out.  Yes, George and Frith (Frith?  What a name for a romantic heroine!) will rock your world with their sparky, witty dialogue and and love-to-hate/hate-to-love relationship.  This is fun, flirty, lighthearted fiction at it’s very best.

I dare you not to love it!