Memories Of Love by Jenny Schwartz

Review by Nas

Memories Of Love (novella)

MEMORIES OF LOVE by author Jenny Schwartz is an April 2013 release by Escape Publisher, the digital arm of Harlequin Ent, Australia.

This is a short ANZAC day story but full of emotional punch and with a powerful message of mateship.

I loved reading this story and connected with Ivan and Rita. Jenny Schwartz has a unique storytelling talent which fulfils and satisfies a reader!

Well worth reading!

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Reviewed by Maria

In today"s fast moving world, short fiction provides a satisfying read for people who love to read and at the same time need to get their happy ending in a reasonable length of time.  The demise of  print publications have left a vacuum for the reader of short fiction - many magazines which formerly published short stories have shelved them in favour of celebrity news and reality type articles.  Short ebook reads fill the gap nicely

MEMORIES OF LOVE is an unashamedly sentimental read for the die hard romantic.  The orphaned yet fiercely independent heroine Rita is an attractive character.  Ivan the hero, a former army man who runs a security company is Rita's boss and he makes a suitably alpha hero.  Ivan and Rita fancy each other rotten and it's obvious to all who know them.  But he thinks he's too dark and depressing for a girl like Rita and she, being professional to the core, can't think of having an affair with the boss.  Sweet yet predictable so far.  The secretary in love with her alpha male available boss is certainly the stuff romance novels are made of, but what gives this pair the courage to make the first move and cross the professional divide?  Rita's house is burnt down in a fire and then Ivan gets the chance to play Sir Galahad.

I have to say that as a mother, Rita's attempts to play the vamp and seduce the hero filled me with terror. Well,  maybe that's just me. But in fairness, it's obvious that Ivan is special to Rita, not just someone she met along the way.  Anyway, Ivan, the battle scarred hero, turns out to be quite the gallant behind the rather dark exterior.

So if you love short fiction, comfort reads and unashamedly romantic reads, to pick this one up.  It's a great read to get the endorphins flowing.


Reviewed by Desere

Telling a good story is one thing almost any author can do, telling a good story in just seven chapters is something that takes pure talent and it not always easily done, and most of all it always leaves me with a sense of deep appreciation for the author that does manage to pull it off.

In the latest read from Jenny Schwartz she has proved she definitely is not only up to the task but more than able to blow the mind of her reader in seven chapters or less and leave you breathless, fulfilled and totally excited beyond believe in suspense of the next to come!

In this read I was introduced to the very sexy former army hero Ivan. He is boss to our heroine Rita. They are beyond hot for each other but something called “I can’t take the chance and I am not good enough” stands in their way of getting into an affair that will surely be the change of a lifetime.

A neat little twist of events by the author brings Rita smack bang up close and personal with Ivan and the heat gets turned up by degrees so hot the pages practically set alight in my hands.

The characters were both well written and each had their own unique little manners of going from professional to two people out on a mission to find pure sexual release.

The author gave me as reader a tormented hero and a mistress of the night come pure lady by day coming together in a short powerful, definitely very memorable read.

A message of what lies beneath needs to be revealed to the right person who will understand no matter what was wonderfully depicted by the author in a definite best seller.

I highly recommend this read for all lovers of short stories that deliver a impact that will stay with you for a lifetime and make you think twice about that one chance you had and never took.

5/5 star review
"Getting down and dirty with the boss is never as bad as it seems" 
Reveiw By TashNz

Memories of Love is a captivating and emotive tale which drew me in from the explosive first page.

The opening chapter is a winner.  It is action packed while at the same time; short, punchy and to the point.  My attention was immediately caught.

Ivan and Rita are thrown together due to unfortunate circumstances but fortunately for them it was just what they both needed.

I could relate to the touch on ANZAC, it was special to me.  Coming from NZ, ANZAC Day is really important to us and I could relate to the pre-dawn ceremony.  It was done well enough that no matter where in the world you were reading the book from you didn't have to know what ANZAC was but you can pick up that it's important for Rita and Ivan to attend.

Short stories are definitely the answer to the fast paced world we live in today.  If you find yourself saying you never have time to read, pick up Jenny Schwartz's Memories of Love, it wont take too much time out of your day and the satisfaction of finishing a story cant be beaten.