Temporarily His Princess by Olivia Gates

Review by Nas

TEMPORARILY HIS PRINCESS by author Olivia Gates is a Harlequin Desire release for May 2013.

Vincenzo Arsenio D’Agostino had thrown Glory Monaghan out very indiscriminately five years ago after having a scorching affair with her.

But now he needs a wife and he can’t think of anyone other than Glory to marry! Will Glory agree to his terms of marriage for one year only? And what will happen after that one year is over? Will they both walk away from each other and their marriage?

TEMPORARILY HIS PRINCESS is filled with strong characters, snappy and witty dialogue, it also has tender sweet and exciting moments. It is a steamy tale which sparkles with plenty of sizzle, sensuality, emotion, passion and romance. A gripping story of past secrets and unquenchable desires. This is another fabulous mesmerizing romance from the brilliant author Olivia Gates.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars!
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Reviewed by Desere:

As some woman will tell you it happens each and every day to more woman than you think. You meet the man of your dreams, your life seems perfect and definitely heading in the right "white picket fence" direction or in the case of Glory the "perfect palace life" direction but it all comes crashing down quicker and you fall harder than you ever imagined.

In the latest read from the brilliant Olivia Gates she takes us deep into the life of what happens when the man of your dreams discards you like yesterdays royal trash and then comes crawling back years later with a proposition of marriage.

The characters of both Glory and Vincenzo were well written staring in a truly spectacularly created masterpiece! 

I loved how the author took people from different worlds and showed that once loved never forgotten can be the difference between a happy ending and a tragic loss.

I loved how the author took a "heartless" badboy Prince and changed him into a man any woman would be proud to call her husband, layering back the pieces of a heart once broken by the thought of betrayal and revealing a love so strong that it can never be shattered. 

I felt true sorrow and compassion for Glory as the author revealed to me as reader the pure heart-wrenching pain she goes through when Vincenzo discarded her the first time, but I was also very happy to see that this made her stronger and more of a fighter in fighting for what she believes in.

The backdrop setting was calm and inviting letting the book flow without any thought of this setting just does not feel right for the book. 

The dialogue was fun at times, down right cruel when the truth is revealed but also filled with emotion so strong it brought tears to my eyes and I could feel the pain of the characters and actually hear their hearts breaking.

This author has once again proven why she is a international best selling author, her books have the ability to take you to a whole new world of romance with a twist so unexpected it will leave you simply breathless and begging for more.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Olivia Gates books and also those who love a emotionally packed romance with a truly magical ending.

5/5 star review
"She is the one woman that can tame the badboy Prince's heart into forever"


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Temporarily His Princess by Olivia Gates

Believing that Glory his lover for the last six months, has been stealing secrets. Prince Vincenzo D'Agostino ends their relationship in the cruelest way. Six years later King Ferruccio Selvaggio-D'Agostino of Castaldini is demanding that Vincenzo be married by Royal Decree. With only a couple of months to find a wife, the Prince decides Glory will be his wife. So what if he needs to blackmail her into marriage.

Glory Monaghan fell in love with Prince Vincenzo at first sight. There has been no other for her. She is more than devastated when he throws her out of his life. Especially when she doesn't understand why. So imagine her shock when the one person she never thought to see again shows up at her door six years later, blackmailing her into marriage. My heart just broke for Glory's character. Not understanding why the Prince ended things and for the hurtful things he said to make her believe it was over. Then the utter shock when secrets come to light. 

The one thing these two can agree on, is that the passion for each other never died. It is just as strong as ever. Neither one of these two, had gotten over their love in the time that they were apart. And Prince Ferruccio, well he truly becomes a Prince to love by the time everything comes to light.

Olivia writes strong characters in Temporarily His Princess.I also loved the banter between these two, even though some of the things said when breaking up were harsh, at other times they were very humorous. And I have to admit there was a twist to the story, that I did not see coming. I thought there was more, but my mind was going elsewhere. I will not post because I don't want to ruin the story for others. I look forward to reading more novel by Olivia!

5/5 stars