Outback Affair by Annie Seaton

Outback Affair (Affair, #3)

Reviewed by Desere

I have always loved a determined heroine and if there ever was a totally awesome one, it's Jessica Trent!
And we all know that impulsive actions sometimes when lucky, lead to awesome adventures.

Jessica is dead set on getting away from her current very unlikable miserable job and at the same time she will get her controlling father out of her hair.

She jets off to Australia and once there ends up having the time of her life with scrumptious you-have-stolen-my-heart Alex Richards.

The adventure is as much fun as it's 'this is so not what I signed up for' , only when it ends and Alex reveals the truth of his real identity it all comes crashing down and Jessica realizes this is one impulsive plan she will always regret, unless Alex can convince her to come back into his arms.

The main characters were beautifully written and both took my breath away. Annie Seaton has a unique talent at taking two completely opposite characters and weaving them, their emotions and heart-ships into perfect alignment.

I adored each and every part of this book. The backdrop settings were vividly described and blended in with the emotions of the characters so well, that the characters themselves very well could have been the backdrop without even speaking a single line!

I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that transports you to a world or romance down under.

5/5 star review

"Writing her very own Outback Affair"