Melt My Heart ~Valentines Day Anthology ~Various Authors

Reviewed by Desere

Most people dislike Valentines day, well only those that don't have someone special to share it with.

In this fabulous little read by the talented Nicole Flockton this is the case for nurse Lisa.

Only if she stops obsessing over how bleh valentines day is she will actually find there is a certain sexy eyed Doc who will give anything to be her Valentine.

I loved,loved this short read. Fun, sexy and it even had a touch of sweet emotion. Most short reads tend to go from hello to goodbye without even a glimpse of good stuff in between. 

Characters were well written, both funny and spicy!

I'm taking away a message of life might seem dull, gloomy and like everyone else has romance but, if stand you still or in this case get trapped long enough you might just find your very own romance hero has been shooting arrows in your direction all along! 

5/5 Star Review

"The Doc's cupid's arrow aims, shoots and SCORES!" 

The book also includes three other very romantic reads like the very stand out read from Rachel Cross that tells of mental illness and how one woman finds herself knee deep in manure and losing her heart. Bloom was a very quick and sexy read with loads of tension and heartache. 

I unexpectedly found myself crying as I was expecting a valentines day romance but instead found a love blossoming among-st the backdrop of illness. 

I very much enjoyed this twist and it showed just how difficult love can be, you expect twinkling start and roses and instead you might find it hidden among-st the most foul smelling of odors. 

4.5 stars 

" When love is in bloom, there's no stopping"