The Last Guy She Should Call by Joss Wood

 The Last Guy She Should Call
Reviewed by Desere

Every teenager will tell you they have the uncontrollable urge to take off running and just live their lives without any interference from their parents.

Of course when grown up they realize running away and being all grown up and making their own rules is not everything they expected it to be.

Of course for some it's the only way out because not all parents are able to give their children a little wriggle room.  We all need a chance to spread our wings and find ourselves, this is exactly what heroine Rowan does.

Stifled , feeling let down, heartbroken and out of place she takes off, floats from one country to the next and never once thinks about returning home.

So being deported back and straight into the arms of her arch enemy not only brings her face to face with her demons of the past but, it also traps her between a rock and a hard place or rather between running from love and wrapping herself around Seb and all the dreams he can make come true.

This author's books have been a favorite of mine from the first time I read her work, and in all honesty I did not believe she could get any better. With this read she completely blew me away, this is without a doubt the hottest, sexiest, spiciest most awesome book she has written.

The characters were very well written, created with true intensity. The author showed both Seb and Rowan as lost children needing to find their way through the hurt and muck of earlier years and let them develop not only into one of the hottest couples on the reading radar but, as adults standing up and fighting to come out stronger and more grownup than most people who have a very normal no mess no fuss childhood.

This read was so hot and spicy, with the conflict so full of life and so powerful it made me want to leap up and first head bash both characters and the next shove them into a room, lock the door and just let them sort it out before it was too late. Fabulously intense!

Exquisitely described backdrops, stunning dialogue,and mesmerizing passion all wrapped up into a perfect bubble of romance of the very best kind.

I'm taking away a message of we all run and sometimes it is definitely needed but at some point we need to grow up, stop running and instead face our issues and move on to the next part of our lives, not by running for the hills the second we have resolved the issues, instead stick around start fresh and build the life you always wanted even with the occasional hiccup the knowing that you have found home and have found the peace you seeked is all worth it.

I highly recommend this read for all fans looking for a hot, spicy, sweet, sexy and totally fabulously awesome read of how two people are more alike then they realize and how they lift each other up and over the rainbow. Joss keep up the SPICE!

5/5 Star Review

"Want and need pushes the limits as passion explodes"