Tango Love by Nicole Flockton

Tango Love

Reviewed by Desere

James and Melinda have been flatmates for a long time, and from day one both have wanted each other. Out of fear of rejection they both go their own way, sleeping with whom ever they please, just to drown thoughts of each other out.

Until James decides it's now or never. What follows is the best sex lust inducted coma of their lives but then morning comes, James is gone and Melinda might just need to face facts, she's just been used, or has she?

Some short reads tend to not always get it right and time and time again it seems it has skipped past some crucial elements
and thus the read kind of feels like it has fallen flat, like you have been cheated out of half the characters lives.

But in this read the author yes, did not go into major detail on the lives of the characters and some readers might feel cheated, however the author gave fantastic attention to detail to the here and now, and this drew my focus and kept my attention more than expressive detail to the lives of the characters would have. The read had a certain, no need to get into it all feel about it and had the author gone deeper with details I would have felt like it was dragging.

This read was very, very super spicy and had loads of bouncing off the walls sexual energy, building it all up to such a feverish pitch it felt as if the entire book was going to explode and burst into a thousand flames.

I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute and I was completely fascinated with this author's words once again. Nicole keep up the brilliant work !

I recommend this read for lovers of seriously hot short reads that hold a little "Don't wait for the good stuff to fall into your lap, see it, grab it and have fun!" message.

5/5 star review
"He wants her, she wants him. All that's left to do is the sexy-sheets bed-tango"