What a Girl wants by Jennifer Snow

Reviewed by Desere 

Every woman knows that sometimes manly stuff is so much more fun and being a bit of a tomboy is never all that bad, but when the man you are hopelessly in love with sees you as just one of the guys and never as a woman , it's time to drop the boy toys, find a hot dress and make your womanhood known.

Bailey is all game if it will get Ethan into her arms, but she needs to first get him to stop pining after his ex. And for that she will need more than hot dresses and makeup.

This Harlequin Heartwarming read had the perfect tearing me up, warming my heart affect every reader needs in order to escape the hardships of life.

The characters were well written and both showed unique traits of real life messed up, confused, trying to do the right thing personalities.  I very much enjoyed the story behind the story with Ethan's ex and the entire calling for help fiasco.

The various emotions of Ethan fighting his own demons and totally looking past Bailey as a woman made me of course want to deck him, but the message of some men are simply clueless when trapped in a maze of confusion and just need a little push was beautifully shown by the author.

I loved the courage the character of Bailey showed and when she finally takes that now or never step I could not have been more proud. I 'm taking away a message of, if you've known someone long enough they become familiar, but only surface based if you instead never focus on the real person they are.

Never only have a surface based friendship with anyone. Get to really know them even if you are not romantically interested make the effort in the long run it will be worth it.

And never ever think that stepping up to do the right thing is wrong, courage is a stunning personality trait.
I recommend this read for all fans of sweet sensual romance reads.

4.5 Star Review
" The girl wants the man to see the real her"