Dance with Temptation by Dilys J.Carnie

Reviewed by Desere 

All of us know that past relationships can take a serious toll on our lives and the actions we take from the moment it ends. But for most there is also a chance at happiness again if you can bring yourself to actually drop down your defenses and let someone new in.

In book two of The Fitzgerald Brothers series from author Dilys J. Carnie she gives us the story of Bronwyn, a heroine that is not only damaged from a past relationship and in desperate need of someone strong, kind and caring enough to want to break down her don't touch me defenses.

But also in major need of some fighting spirit to stay alive as her ex comes back hell bent on revenge. The only one to safe her on both counts is Jessie, but of course she needs to let him on the deal first.

I loved book one to the point of distraction and book two was no exception. The author once again created vivid and fascinating characters all blended in with such a kick-ass plot it kept me up all night long. I could not bring myself to put this read down. It was seriously intense and mind blowing.

I was completely lost in a world of hurt, anger, deception, mystery and intense romance. I loved the mystery element of how the author lets Bronwyn keep Jessie in this world of confusion. Yes, it is not always nice to leave others in the dark, how else do you expect to get help.

But because the author gave very stunning insight into Bronwyn's past relationship and the serious damage it did to her self-esteem I could completely wrap my mind around her not wanting to let it all out and instead hang back.

Jessie was my kind of hero, he pushes and pushes and pushes not once giving up on trying to get to understand Bronwyn and what exactly is happening inside her mind. It showed just how real his feelings are for the woman that he is willing to risk his life for.

I look forward to more reads from this author, she has a unique touch of getting into the minds of her readers with such brilliant awesomeness that once you're there, there is no way you will want out!

5/5 star review
" He'll risk his life to be with her, all she needs to do is follow into the dance of temptation"