A Man Like Him by Rachel Brimble


Reviewed by Desere 

I was eagerly anticipating a second read from this author, it was more than worth the wait! After reading her first book I was blown away with the fierce intensity the author uses to create characters and bring to life the troubles they face. And therefore I could not wait to dig into this read.

The read focuses on Angela and how she has been running from her abusive husband, hiding and living in fear. Then a flash flood hits and her whole world is turned up side down.

She has the very sexy and tempting Chris who is the hero she has been longing for but she also needs to face facts, getting involved with him will leave him dead.

Chris however has other plans, he lost the love of his life once and this time the game will play out differently he wants the girl and he will have her, no other man will stand in his way of happiness. That is if he can live long enough to protect them both.

The author brought about so many emotions running through me at the same time and I could not decide what I wanted to do first. Help the injured after the flood, knock the heroine's worthless abusive husband over the head and stuff him into a hole, slap Chris's ex for hurting him so badly or get to rooting for Angela and Chris to find happiness and get rid of the mess that is their past relationships.

I loved the intensity the author packs behind everything she does in her books. I  was able to feel every emotion of the characters, experience every single heart-stopping moment during the flash flood and the fear coursing through the characters veins.

Action , suspense, passion and drama loads and loads of drama! I bawled my eyes during most of this read, but as all readers know tears are the sign that a book is a not just a book it is the perfect escape into a whole other world and the more you cry the more you know the author has done her job by climbing right into your soul.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of dramatic, action packed romance reads. You will be blown away by Rachel Brimble and her simply fantastic world!  Rachel bring on the next one NOW!

5/5 star review

" He's all the man she needs, if he lives that long"