The Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Desere 

Everyone has an icy facade they use every now and then to hide their true feelings and issues they might be dealing with at that particular moment. But sometimes the issues are far worse than you may think and this causes a person to keep the icy facade firmly in place at all times.

But life has a strange and wonderful way of bringing someone into our lives, be it a child or a lover, no matter the person will be the one that takes the time to push hard enough to crack your mask and make you feel alive again.

In the newest read from Susan Carlisle this is what happens for ice queen heart surgeon Michelle. She is always in control and in charge of her life, until maverick I'll-charm-my-way-into-you-life Ty walks into her life and tuns her dull and gloomy world into a burst of color she never saw coming.

But Ty is the spread the love and joy then be on my way kind of hero, and Michelle is not so sure she can try to make him stay.

I loved this read. It was fun and emotional, well plotted and the author held my attention. I liked how the author let the character of Ty slowly but surely become the rescued instead of it just being about the heroine being rescued.

Both characters get to discover more about themselves and how they can repair each other. Some reads attempt to make the book about both characters being rescued by each other but fall hopelessly flat in the sense where the focus is more on the one character than on both and in the end it is all about just him or her finding a way through the maze of despair and not about both.

Susan Carlisle has a brilliant way of always ensuring there is loads and loads of fire between her characters and this book was no different. The sparks between the characters were so intense it was as if I could watch it all unfold in-front of me as if in a play was being preformed, only this was way better than any play ever will be!

I'm taking away a message of running away from your problems is never the answer, hiding behind them is not either. Whether you run or hide, the problems will always be there unless you deal with them upfront and just get it out of the way, then and only then will you be able to get on with life.

4.5 Star Review
" Driving off into the sunset together with hearts firmly in tact"

Reviewed by Nas

THE REBEL DOC WHO STOLE HER HEART by author Susan Carlisle is a Harlequin and Mills & Boon Medical series is a January 2014 release.

Heart surgeon, Michelle needs her OR to run smoothly which meant every member to be on time. Then enters the anaesthesiologist, Ty, who is late and dosen’t conform to her idea by his behavior. He was a rebel. No rules worked with him. Could Michelle let herself go with it, and fall for him? But he was bound to leave, as he never stayed at one place. Would he take Michelle’s heart with him when he goes?

THE REBEL DOC WHO STOLE HER HEART is a heartwarming tale of two opposites falling for each other. I loved the medical drama among all the shimmering emotions. Author Susan Carlisle has a way with words which is incomparable.