Trouble In Texas by Katie Lane

Trouble in Texas (Deep in the Heart of Texas, #4)

Reviewed by Desere

This book was all kinds of WOW! I have come to learn that books from this author are always full of passionate romance, intrigue, suspense and just all kinds of fun little twists and turns.

This one was no exception, in fact this one was definitely my favourite so far. The book is again as previous ones from the series set in the very laid back town of Bramble TX. It is the kind of town where everyone knows everything about everyone and your neighbours are more than just the "folks on the other side", they are your friends nosy as they may be sometimes but none the less the kind that will help you with anything.

The element of surprise for this one was that prim and proper buttoned up(and yes I mean buttoned up in every sense of the word) librarian Elizabeth is the owner of a whorehouse, or at least that is what the town likes to call it. It is in actual fact more of a safe haven for battered woman who have reached the end of the road,The Hen House.

Elizabeth not only finds that the remaining three "hens" have handcuffed a sexy as sin man to her great grandmothers famous bed but that she is fiercely attracted to him and when he kisses her she looses all sense of reality. But she also has to come to terms with the fact that hiding her ownership,wanted or not wanted is something she can no longer hide from the town.

And that man is no ordinary man, Brant is a force to be reckoned with, he can kiss any woman into submission and he stops at nothing to get what he wants. But on the surface he seems like a ordinary I play hard but work harder cowboy, but in fact he walks around with the notion that he is cursed. Yes, readers no jokes a hot as sin cursed cowboy!

The author did a remarkable job at brining together one virgin "spinster" and one very hot cursed cowboy with delicious sexual  scenes, fantastic humour and a secret that will blow your mind.

The main and secondary characters were memorable and even though you can pick up that some have their own stories the book can still be read as a stand alone.

I loved the secrets and the manner the author keeps you guessing. The dialogue was fun and witty at times and romantic as heck other times and not to mention flirty, sexy and just plain awesome.

The author as a extremely unique manner of brining forth not only a good old fashioned cowboy, small town romance but one that delivers a powerful message that people "fit" even when they think they don't. Brant was one heck of a cowboy and Elizabeth the perfect one to break the "curse".

Excellent work Katie,keep them coming!

5/5 start review
" Discovering the family secrets has never been sexier or more intriguing"