A Ring To Secure His Heir by Lynne Graham

Reviewed by TashNz

4.5 stars

Rosie is the missing granddaughter of Alexius's Godfather. Is she worthy of his love and support? Alexius is summonsed to find out. He discovers Rosie is a cleaner but he is instantly captured by her from first sight.

After sharing a beautiful and passionate night the inevitable happens and Rosie tracks Alexius down to tell him what's happened. From there she discovers why Alexius really came looking for her.

A Ring to Secure His Heir kept me captured from page one. It was fast paced. The characters are very likeable  Rosie is tiny in stature but large in personality and attitude. 

She has no trouble sticking up for herself to Alexius or speaking her mind. Alexius, even thou he accepts his responsibilities immediately doesn't let anyone in and can feel him self slowly falling apart at the seams when he realises that little Rosie may just be the one... of course things don't run smoothly.

I really liked this book so much I couldn't decide between a 4 or 5 star! I was thoroughly entertained, I was transported to beautiful locations, Alexius and Rosie were very likeable  I couldn't put it down and I'll definitely read it again and I'd highly recommend it. 

I'll definitely be adding Lynne Graham to my "look out for" list.