At Dante's Service by Chantelle Shaw

Reviewed by TashNz

At Dante’s Service is a modern twist on the Boss/Employee story line.
Beautiful Rebekah is the talented live-in personal chef to the
exceedingly sexy divorce lawyer Dante.  Dante is concerned Rebekah
doesn't get out enough and invites her to attend a function with him.

When Dante sees Rebekah dressed in a gorgeous gown it’s like a slap in
the face with reality when he realises what a beauty Rebekah is under
her baggy and boring chef uniform. It’s not long before they both let
their guards down and surrender to a night together, which turns into
many nights together… it all gets a bit too much for Rebekah,
pretending she doesn't care and enjoying the no-strings-attached
affair so she walks away… only to come back to him when she discovers
she’s pregnant…

Chantelle Shaw writes a beautiful and moving story full of passion and
rich descriptions that kept me turning the pages. It’s sweet and
emotional all rolled into one.  I was transported to beautiful cities
around the world, and I loved visiting Tuscany which is on my list of
“to be traveled one day” list. 

I also liked the little spin /twist
towards the end of the book which I wont reveal. It was original I
thought and a rare subject.

I’m very happy to have been introduced to the world of Chantelle Shaw,
I’ll be looking up older books for sure!