Never by Elizabeta Brooke

Reviewed by Desere

I have always adored a good contemporary romance and a excellent erotica. This book promised me both with a touch of fantasy.

Dr. Wendee is slightly mentally damaged due to some rather disturbing and very sad events from her past.

With the mental damage I could deal as even in real life these things happen,the erotic scenes were also very good and at first I as reader was thinking sensual, hot, exciting and very highly charged,so yes the author did deliver.

The characters were all normal yet at the same time out of this world. With a Peter Pan "making" his very own Wendee into the woman he craves for his bed, and even some exciting secondary characters that you will not forget, it made for some really interesting reading.

Yes, when reading the back blurb your first thought just as mine had been will be " No way can this be worth it", as it almost sounded a bit too much,but it was worth it as it managed to take me as reader into the world of fantasy meets erotica.

The backdrop setting was exciting due to it's almost secret location. The actual plot was interesting as the   author uses the Peter Pan and the lost boys element to her full advantage but combined it with strong and overpowering erotica making it a hot and sexual read.

I would however not recommend this to those who prefer their erotica's more to the tune of 50 Shades style,or "normal" erotica,as with the fantasy aspect and the mental issues causing disruption in the live of a young boy during this book,it might just be too dark for some readers taste.

The author delivered on the fantasy, romance and erotica elements in a very unique manner.

4/5 star review

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Reviewed by Nas

NEVER by author Elizabeta Brooke is an erotic fantasy romance released in 2012.

Dr Wendee Williams, Dee as she is known, escapes from her past and goes into a fantasy land.

She had a traumatic time growing up. But now she is in sensual heaven!

NEVER is adult themed and is highly enjoyable though dark in some places. Yet it gives us a glimpse in the inner recesses’ of author Elizabeta Brooke’s characters. Recommended for readers who enjoy fantasy romance with high sensuality level!
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