Blame it on the Bikini by Natalie Anderson

Blame It on the Bikini. Natalie Anderson

Reviewed by Desere

Sexy, romantic, heart warming and just plain crazy fun! The book was fabulous and I loved every minute of it. With modern technology today anything is possible and yes we all make mistakes.

But imagine that mistake is sending a picture of yourself in a very, very tiny bikini to your best friend's brother  instead of to her! Ladies, I am sure your all going to agree that some girls might take that in stride laugh it off and move on or even decide to throw caution to the wind and go with the flow.

The character Mya from this book did both. First by ignoring the sexy and very temping comments and not to mention hot as hell kisses from the sexy to die for Brad, or at least she tried to, and blowing him off by letting him know it was simply a mistake.

And then deciding to let it all go even if it is just for one night, reason being as you can guess, Brad is a player through and through and no woman has ever managed to crack his shell, or gotten him to spend the whole night for that matter.

The characters of Mya and Brad both had certain emotional issues that gave the book the heart felt emotion I as reader have come to love from books by this author. But they both also had lots and lots of humour which created some truly funny moments that had me laughing out loud and thinking "Can this book get any better?"

And my oh my did it get better with a bang! The author gave it all in this one, there was moments of humour, fun, laughter, deliciously hot sex scenes and pure romance at it's best.

I simply adored how Brad wanted to give all his strength and support to Mya to help her achieve her goals. The man was as entertaining as he was sweet and of course really hot!

I also very much liked how Mya pointed Brad's faults out to him, making no secret of her opinions of the man. The author not only let the two characters compliment each other so very well but let them both discover that they are really good for each other on so much more than a pure sexual level. Of course the real kicker was if they would both accept the gift of love or simply move on.

For me as reader the book really did have everything I love to walk away with after reading a contemporary romance. It had the emotion, the romance, the passion, the secrets and the deeper meaning message of letting go and realizing the person who loves you will stand by you, support you and always be there for you, if you give them the chance. Added bonus of course was definitely the crazy fun humour dialogue!

I loved how the author let the "relationship" play out and blossom much like a rose going from simply a seed to a magnificent flower.

I recommend this read for every one out there. It is the perfect read to cheer you up and have you laughing so hard your eyes will just as mine had tear up, not to mention the really gorgeous message the author conveyed to me as reader.

Really excellent work Natalie, please keep them coming!

5/5 star review
"As hot as he is in the courtroom he is even hotter in the bedroom"