Her Italian Aristocrat by Louise Reynolds

:Her Italian Aristocrat

Reviewed by Desere

This book was one of the most gorgeous written love stories I have read in a long time! The setting of Italy was perfect for a romance born out of true passion and a force for winning at all costs.

The story about Gemma setting out to Italy to with a will to succeed, made her a strong and independent character. Of course what would a good romance be without a good looking  melt all my defences hero, and this time around that was the character of Luca.

Now Luca is much like Gemma determined to win and very strong willed. But he also has a somewhat soft side that comes into play when Gemma falls ill and he rushes her off to his home to help in nursing her back to health.

But because both main characters are so similar in their mission to succeed is the reason what made the book incredible. They go head to head against each other in a battle of wills unlike any other I have read before.

The read was filled with loads and loads of conflict and sexual tension that for me as reader is so very temptingly delicious as it gives the book that wow factor, and yes I am spoiled now for good as I will be expecting this very same wow in all this authors future books!

What I also truly loved was the descriptions used by the author to create a little Italian village that prides itself on it's history and culture, it was like almost seeing the buildings and history unfold in front of me, and I truly felt as it I were standing in Italy.

A fun and witty dialogue made for moments where I was laughing out load, cheering the character on and also going "Seriously did you just really say that", so yes ladies if you saw me reading this one you would have seen me rolling my eyes at the arrogance of the characters, but again that is what kept me entertained.

I highly recommend this read
5/5 star review

"You will fall in love with Italy and with the authors amazing characters"