Sold to the Enemy by Sarah Morgan

Sold to the Enemy

Reviewed by Desere

This was Sarah Morgan at her best! The book was simply gorgeous. I was immediately drawn to the characters and the story grabbed me and took me on a true awesome romance adventure.

The book was about your average kind of plot, heroine needs to start a new life and get away from it all and approaches her hero thinking he is still the sweet and kind white knight he use to be, only she discovers to her disgust the man has turned into a cold hearted tycoon and he is does not like to play games!

Now with this being as I said a average plot you might think that it would be boring, un-entertaining, the same old story line, but it was definitely the opposite. The author not only created memorable, strong and compelling characters she also created a world of passion, sweet and sensual romance of the most delicious and torturous kind, which I as reader simply love.

The character of Selene was not the kind that irritated me, as she was not only strong and willing to fight but also the type of woman we all want to be. She does not take slack from anyone and will not merely back down just because she feel threatened. And for this I thank the author, as so many times a book contains a heroine that is the weak and pathetic little thing that can not do anything for herself and just goes along with what ever comes her way thus everyone in life just walks all over her.

The character of Stefan was one that totally rocked! He is the overbearing, commanding and heartless kind that you as reader know has a sweet side deep down but he has his reasons for being such a idiot, and I for one love when the author slowly lets it all unfold and I can get the low down on just why the guy is the way he is.

The abuse Selene had to suffer was the emotional factor in this book and the author used every bit of it to her advantage, as this is what brought the characters together in deep, heart-warming and emotional levels so deeply written by the author it brought me to tears.

I truly felt connected to the characters. The dialogue was also somewhat new, yes I have read many books by this author yet this time something was different, it was as if her words were more targeted and more directed at me as reader. Not entirely sure how to perfectly sum that up, all I can say is Sarah keep doing it!

I really loved that it was two "enemies" that went up against each other in this book, it made for some very hot and entertaining reading.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of romance with emotional twists and turns, arrogant hero's who get their defences broken down and heroines who kick butt!

5/5 star review
"In the arms of the enemy, is where you will find love" 


Review by TashNz
Selene has a clever plan to escape from her abusive Father. The plan can’t fail or the chance to help her mother escape will also be lost. With her plan in mind she visits one of her father’s business rivals Stefan Ziakas. Stefan, unknowingly, is Selene’s knight in shining armor. She has held on to a teenage memory of him telling her to come back in five years, so she did; almost to the day.

I love Selene. She explored her new world with wide-eyed wonder, she was fascinated by the small things and her witty dialogue had me laughing out loud. Selene said what she thought and wore her heart on her sleeve. Stefan loves life but is held back emotionally by his history with Selene’s father. He’s fascinated by Selene, he can’t believe she has come back and once he realises who she is he’s more than happy to help Selene as he thinks she’s rebelling against her father. Then everything turns into custard. Stefan doesn’t know he’s Selene’s knight in shining armor… can he rise to the occasion when required?

I love Sarah Morgan's stories so much I think that if she re-wrote the telephone book I'd give her five stars. Sold to the Enemy is a fast paced, emotionally gripping love story where I found myself wishing nothing but the best for Selene and wanting her to win her knight in shining armor. The dialogue was witty, bright and breezy and it’s a fantastic spin on the classic business rivals plot.
Another Sarah Morgan winner and I’m so excited about Sarah’s three book deal with Harlequin because it means more fantastically woven tales for us, the readers.

5/5 stars