A year and a day by Patsy Collins

Reviewed by Desere
A Year and a Day

The title of this book at first to me sounded like one I would find to dramatic and no fun to read, but if there is one thing that I have learned is never, ever make the mistake of judging a book by it's cover or it's title for that matter.

I was pleasantly surprised, delighted and intrigued. The book was one that had it all really. There was the shady character of Luigi that is on a mission to destroy as many lives as possible. The best friend Daphne with all the secrets, and the hero we all love John. All these characters were the ones that created the story that focused on Stella.

Now Stella is a orphan and in no mood to listen to fortune tellers telling her she will have a long and happy life, as nice as that is to hear she still remains sceptical. And here comes the delicious, fun and creative twist ladies! The fortune teller gives her a letter, but the letter is only to be opened a year from the day and it will reveal that all the predictions are indeed true.

Intriguing right? You bet it was. I loved reading all the various secrets in this book. The mystery level was simply stunning and it really had me glued to my seat all night long. The book really was very well written. The entire book just weaved into one excellent read! I am not going to say much more as it would no doubt give it all away.

So I will say only this, get a copy of this book today still. Believe me you will be up all night trying to solve this one and will find yourself thinking the whole time I have this one solved but as I was you will be so very surprised as the ending is revealed and it is so much better than any reader can imagine.

Excellent work !

5/5 star review

"Your fortune will reveal the truth hidden deep inside" 

Reviewed by Maria

Although orphaned as a child, Stella doesn't have it too bad really.  She has a nice flat.  She has a job which she enjoys and which pays the bills. She has a best friend, Daphne, who's more like a sister and who's family has practically made her an honorary member.  But like everyone else, she dreams of finding a special someone, a man who'll sweep her off her feet and make her part of a loving family - just as she's always dreamed.  Rosie Lee the fortune teller has prophesied that her questions about her future will be settled in a year and a day.  Isn't it exciting?  Stella's not sure she believes it, but she's having a grand time  finding out about her future,  So who shall it be?  Luigi the romantic Italian restaurateur, full of grand, romantic gestures?  Or Gary, the drop dead gorgeous policemen who want Stella's expertise in flowers and chocolate for the pub quiz team?  Or John, the best friend's elder brother who has always looked out for Stella and keeps a watchful eye on her?  (Nah!  Forget him!  He's a pain).

So stick around for A YEAR AND A DAY to find out the answer.  You'll have fun, I promise.  And if you're lucky, you may even get to find out if John's granny gets to buy the hat with the feathers in it.

A YEAR AND A DAY is a gentle, charming, romantic story of English life from the talented author Patsy Collins.  Grab a copy and enjoy!  It'll make you smile.