Doctor's Decision by Teresa Ashby

Reviewed by Desere

This was a really dramatic yet sweet romance. The book was about a trauma counsellor Greg, and a Dr. Cara who meet and quickly fall into each others arms.

However, they both know that after the ship has sailed they will never see each other again. Thankfully the author added in a little twist and the ship runs into some trouble causing many casualties and our dear Dr. Cara is one of them.

So yes this was the sweet part where Greg takes care of Cara and nurses her back to health. Thus more feelings are created between the two characters and I as reader was thinking the whole time, " Oh yes this will turn out good".

But I was disappointed as Cara comes face to face with a tragedy and returns to Australia alone. And so followed a series of events that brought to light the bitterness that Cara faces without Greg in her life, the one man that sets her body on fire and makes her heart soar.

The author did a outstanding job at showing me as reader both characters deepest and most vulnerable sides and let me in on both their emotional upsets and how each one's life obligations influences their decisions. The characters were memorable ones, which is the best kind as they will stay with me for a long time.

The backdrop setting was one of beauty and perfectly incorporated  into this book. The dialogue was  powerful, emotional and spoke to me as reader.

I liked the ending of this one very much, also the message of overcoming your fears was strongly laid out by the author.

Highly recommended

5/5 star review