Diamonds are for Marriage by Trish Wylie, Margaret Way, Jennie Adams

Diamonds Are for Marriage. Margaret Way, Trish Wylie, Jennie Adams

Reviewed by Desere

Diamonds are for Marriage is a special release from Mills and Boon for January 2013. Three stunning breathtaking stories each unique in their own right.

There is the fabulous story of lovers in the public eye from the very talented Margaret Way. Which was a story of learning to not only live with each other but to learn how to life in the public eye and not loose your own identity or the love of the man of your dreams.

The second book is by the amazingly gifted author Trish Wylie, she brought me a story so passionate it set the pages alight and left me breathless. A tale of diamonds, passion and romance at it's best. Leaving me as reader with the message of diamonds are no where near as much a girls best friend as the love of her life is.

Last story in the book was by a author that is new to me but I shall most definitely be seeking more of her work, Jennie Adams gave me a story of love and secrets that threatened to tear two people apart. A series of twists and turns brought the secrets out into the open and will leave you in awe.

I highly recommend this book for those of you looking for romance, life lessons and a whole heap of passion from three amazing authors.

5/5 star review

"Diamonds are only the start to true romance"