Suddenly You by Sarah Mayberry

Suddenly You

Reviewed by Desere

Suddenly I want a hero just like this one perfectly crafted by a very talented author. The book was one of realistic and convincing romance happening with everyday real life elements.

Our hero in this one is a true bachelor, he works, he drinks, he has sex with willing woman and moves on. He is one of those "I like doing things my way and not having to worry about anything or anyone for that matter" kind.

But he comes face to face with the one woman he has always wanted and a series of events leads him to not only grow up but to become the type of hero we all love.

The heat and passion between Harry and Pippa was amazingly sweet and sensual. The author had me hanging onto every word and I truly could not wait to get to the next scene. Not that I am a impatient reader at all,I love when stories sometimes take a little longer to be laid out by authors as it seems like I am getting more of the characters and the real meaning behind their actions.

But in this case yes I got very impatient but it was because the book was so very good and I could not wait to see what who says next and what the outcome would be. The characters both main and secondary were simply so realistic it was as if I could clearly see their romance blossom and unfold in front of me, and how the actions of those around them set things in motion.

The author not only gave me as reader a realistic read but real down to earth characters free of glitz and glam, but not free of drama that I can tell you, and my oh my how I loved the drama!

The book was sweet and sensual, romantic and delightful and filled with loads and I do mean loads of emotion. I cried for poor Pippa, having to grow up fast and letting go of her own happy to float my way lifestyle, and becoming a mom and a very hard working one at that. But the one problem after the other is something that really tugged at my reader heartstrings and the author did a remarkable job at letting me feel real sympathy for Pippa.

I also loved how the author took Harry from sexy and sinful badboy to I will lay my life down for you hero.

I highly recommend this read for all those looking for romantic drama combined with the perfect Harlequin ending.

5/5 star review

"Finding love on the side of the road is oh so very sweet"