The Devil and The Deep by Amy Andrews

:The Devil and the Deep

Reviewed by Desere

This book was everything I as reader could ask for but also so much more. It had the awesome factor, the romance, the heat and passion so hot that it not only left me breathless it left the pages burning,and the action adventure I so often seek!

I am a huge Matthew Mcconaughey fan and the author's  hero of Rick was so like him in the movie Fools Gold! Yes, I kid you not ladies, the movie might have given me the treasure hunting and very sexy Matthew but the author of this book gave me the hero along with the insight and twists and turns of treasure hunting along with a heroine that much like Goldie Hawn kicks ass, that brought the characters to live in a far better way than any movie ever can!

The story was one of friends being reunited, and becoming lovers. And yes I know there are many books written about the very same line, but what this author did was to take the friends turning into lovers element and combine it with a fun, fresh and new exciting plot.

One that involved action, passion and a treasure hunt. Adding to that was the really awesome idea that I got to read about a author who hits a snag in the road with her next book, but finds the real life inspiration and the heat she needs to hammer out the next best seller.

The characters were amazing and so full of life, and I am not only talking about the main characters Rick and Stella but the characters from Stella's book too. The author took her real life characters of Stella and Rick and let their own "fantasy world" be played out in her book. But of course she also let the "real life" characters heat level rise to such a burning feverish pitch that as reader the only response I have is one of wonder. It also reminded me a little of Katheleen Turner and Michael Douglas 's Jewel of the Nile where she is typing away at her character of a pirate and a lady and the next she is in the real world with her own action hero.

The dialogue was so much fun to read, it really was something fun and fresh and aside from the author taking a old line of friends turning into lovers and making it the same old story she created a fabulous new and exciting read. A spellbinding, sensual, sexy and compelling read. The hidden message of the true treasure your seeking is right in front of you was so perfect and one that will forever stay with me.

I highly recommend this read to anyone seeking romance and adventure. Absolutely brilliant work Amy, you need to write more books like this one!

5/5 star review
" A author, a lady, a treasure hunter and a pirate all in one,what else could a reader ask for"