Mistaken Engagement by Jenny Schwartz

Reviewed by Maria

Another little gem from someone who I'm beginning to regard as the queen of short fiction, Australian author Jenny Schwartz.  Like her earlier novelette, DRAWING CLOSER, the newly released MISTAKEN ENGAGEMENT is a power packed read, an emotional, romantic story which will give you all the satisfaction of a romance novel in a smaller package.  In today's activity filled lifestyle, it's nice to think that you can still get a satisfying read in a more compact package. As my late, beloved grandmother used to say, "good goods come in small packages."

This is Saul and Grace's story. As they are step cousins, Saul has been in love with Grace ever since she joined his family after her mother married Saul's uncle.  Seeing Grace a little hurt and humiliated when the man she likes chooses her more glamorous step sister over her, Saul charges to the rescue by announcing their 'engagement.'  Grace is not impressed.  According to her, the engagement is so not happening.  Saul fixes it for Grace to come away for the long Australia Day weekend.  With the help of a few fireworks and a blazing summer fire, it won't be long before this pair  are also creating a few fireworks of their own.  Well, this is what Saul is hoping for, but can it really happen?  Read on and find out.

This read is highly recommended especially  for romance readers who are looking for a short yet  satisfying read.

Reviewed by Desere.

As a fellow reviewer put it this book was another little gem ! To me it was more like a diamond glittering in the sun. The story was one that had love and light shining through all the way through to the end.

Yes it is a very short read but what a read! As short as it was it was a read that was delightful, sexy, fun, exciting and powerfully passionate! The plot was one where Saul our hero has been in love with our heroine Grace for as long as he can remember and when she finds herself in a bind he is right there to rescue her by announcing "their engagement".

Yes, the man actually uses a very clever and crafty idea to get the woman of his dreams into his bed and his arms, where she belongs.

The author gave me everything I wanted and the whole plot was simply delicious. I loved that the author can pack so much emotion into such a short read. I am not a major fan of the short ones as it always seems like the longer reads give me a better insight and understanding into the lives of the characters. And most of the time I really do feel as reader I was deprived of some valuable piece of information.

But I can with all honestly say this author does the opposite, she delivers on each and every page. I was captivated and intrigued the entire read through and not once did it feel like the " The book is coming to a end and there needs to be more to this story" moment for me.

The characters we incredibly well written and the author let each one's feelings, emotions, inner light and strength shine through. The backdrop of using Australia Day as the setting was one of perfection. It added to the whole, there are people around watching and we need to convince them this is real element, and thus gave the book that sparkle I love so much in a romance.

A perfect lazy afternoon read, that is not only quick and easy but fun, flirty, sexy and sensual. Jenny, keep up the excellent work I want more!

5/5 star review

" A fake engagement turns to red hot love"

Review by TashNz

To me Mistaken Engagement by Jenny Schwartz was like sitting down at lunchtime and only reading the best chapters in a book! No unnecessary bog, punchy and to the point.

Surfer Saul and Dr Grace grew up together as a result of their blended families which has given them a close familiarity with each other. Saul rescues Grace from an embarrassing moment at a family function which then starts the ball rolling which causes both them both to start questioning their feelings for each other.

I think it’s quite a talent to be able to pack in as much emotion and adventure into six chapters as Mistaken Engagement has. I found the plot to be captivating and as well as interesting because I can relate to the location where events unfolded. The characters are fresh, the story to the point and there was no drag! The descriptions are so vivid, I was there!

Another fantastic short-story bought to us by the same author as the Drawing Closer.