Falling Into Paradise by Kamy Chetty

Falling Into Paradise

Reviewed by Desere :

Excellent, hot read alert ladies! This book was incredibly well written and full of life and passion. The characters of Sophie and Damon were simply marvellous!

The story revolved around deliciously sinful sexy Damon, a man that has sworn to never love again after being terribly hurt, but at the same time he is the ultimate hero, strong, commanding and ready for action when someone is in danger.

Sophie was definitely a heroine of the nicest kind, strong yet at the same time vulnerable enough for me as reader to know that she needs a man to get her through the worst of her fears.

I loved how the author brought her characters to life with vivid descriptions and for me it was as if the words on the pages took on a life of their own, making it all seem very real.

The author incorporated a series of danger filled events and twists here and there that made interesting turns in the saving the damsel in distress story world and this in turn let the scenes pop out at me, almost as if shouting "Hey reader, the best is yet to come keep reading". And let me tell you I did, as I could not get enough.

I loved, loved, loved how the author brought into play the "other woman" so to speak and no ladies you will not be disappointed by this, you will only like I myself was, be even more intrigued.

The passion in this fabulous read was hot, hot, hot !! I mean who of us does not love a sexy "bad boy come ex - sheriff" getting down and dirty with a" lost" woman. I know I do and this author made sure to captivate and deliver on each and every page!

I could also as reader tell that this author really thought about what she was penning down, the level of emotion was so deep and meaningful it left me in awe.

This was a compelling  sexy, smart, action filled read and I highly recommend it. However if your planning on doing just a little bit of reading before bed I will advise against selecting this book as you will not, and I repeat not be able to stop and will end up reading way into the early morning hours.

I really look forward to the next read from a author who will surely make it big!

5/5 star review

"Falling into the sexy arms of red hot danger" 

Reviewed by Maria

A love story cum thriller.  Don’t know which I liked better, the love story or the thriller.  The hero, Damon, is fascinating.  He’s the sheriff and he’s slept with practically every woman in town.  Dr Sophie Redmond, the heroine, is a very cold woman who keeps her distance with everyone ;but we learn why as the story progresses. There’s a very good reason for that.

The love scenes are meltingly hot.  If that’s what you like, you’ll love this book.  But the mystery and fascination with the characters are what drew me in.  Damon, quite surprisingly in my opinion, melts her reserve.  When Sophie gets arrested in the course of her investigation as to why someone has framed her in a medical negligence case, she and Damon give a whole new meaning to Jailhouse Rock.  Meaning they make the jail rock.  When Sophie gets released on bail into Damon’s custody – a beautiful woman and he the town stud – I have to admit I did find it a little difficult to suspend my disbelief.  Apparent inconsistencies in the plot are explained when it subsequently transpires that they have more than one enemy.

It’s both a hot erotic read and a thriller but there is a definite human story behind this.  You could sense that the author really cared about the characters and she drew them well.

The one error that kept showing up was the use of ‘mum’ not ‘mom.’  In the UK it’s always mum, in the USA it’s always ‘mom’.  Nothing a good editor couldn’t fix. 

Whether you’re looking for hot or looking for thrills, this one will hit the spot.


Reviewed by TashNz

A fast paced thrilling love story rolled into a tight ball of intrigue keeps the pages turning in this quick read... that along with the physical intense scenes between Sheriff Damon and Dr Sophie which are hot enough to power the national grid!

Damon is Paradise Falls Sheriff and he knows everyone in town; including all the females very intimately, but he's a lovable character; he's a man who knows what he wants and he's not afraid to go after it.. and he's a man in uniform so that's a bonus.  Sophie is new to town but it's not long before her past  is chasing her and her present is challenged.  

I liked Sophie's dating rules and how she related them back to her life and it was humorous when she was exasperated that she kept breaking them because Damon was slowly breaking down her defenses but really, how could he not; man in uniform and all (ok, so I like men in uniforms).

Once I started Falling Into Paradise I couldn't put it down, it was a fab mystery mixed in with   Damon and Sophie wasting no time to explore each other.  Falling into Paradise gets straight into it, no mucking about and not a page is wasted on unnecessary detail.  I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for Kamy Chetty's future books and I really hope this is the beginning of a series with the background setting of Paradise Falls.

Highly recommended if you're looking for something quick and packed with action to keep the pages continuously flicking!