Montana Reunion by Soraya Lane

Montana Reunion

Reviewed by Desere

Some girls are lucky enough to find a guy friend that will stand by her through tough times, joke around to make her feel better, and even be their partner in crime. You know the kind more than a mere girlfriend, more like a big brother.

But what happens when you fall for each other is a complete different story that yes I am sure has been told before but not with the kind of emotional and passionate point of view as done so exquisitely by author Soraya Lane.

Both the characters of Maddie and Jack were strong, independent and resourceful to both get what they want from life, all the while neither one ever reckoned that a little friends with benefits arrangement in order for Jack to meet  his father's will and keep his ranch would not only bring them together for a night of unbridled passion but would also change their their lives.

Yes,you guessed it ladies she becomes pregnant only Jack does not want children EVER! And now he feels that Maddie has betrayed his trust as he made it very clear that it would be a marriage in every sense of the word only no commitments of love or children.

What I loved about the book was the manner in which the author not only let me as reader into the mind of Jack and why he is so hard up on being a father, but also as to why Maddie is the woman that saves him from ending up alone and feeling sorry for himself.

The author used fun and flirty dialogue exchanges between Maddie and Jack that heated up the pages just enough to let you know the good part is coming. The backdrop setting of the ranch was a very nice touch as for me as reader it let me know that this was not only a book about friends turning into lovers when being reunited but of them both coming home to find what they need has been right in front of them all along.

The secondary characters featured in the book just enough to let you know they are there in support of the two main characters. What the real brilliant touch was, is that the author made each and every sentence a really emotional one,it was as if I could really see the characters facial expressions and feel their pain, discomfort and happiness,hear the wheels turning in their heads as they fight their own inner turmoil's.

The message sent across to me as reader by the author was one of nothing is impossible you just need to fight for it and somewhere along the line the light is going to shine through.

The book had charm, passion, sensual and sweet creativity and at the end of the day the perfect Hallmark ending we all dream of. The perfect love blossoms everywhere read. Also very easy and quick.

Excellent, excellent work Soraya!
5/5 star review

"Falling for your best friend sexy, sensual benefits all included"

Reviewed by Nas

MONTANA REUNION by author Soraya Lane is a January 2013 release.

Jack Gregory doesn’t like the fact that his father was punishing him from the grave by decreeing that he has to marry to inherit the family ranch Jack loved.

But can he just marry anyone? Then he sees his childhood best friend Maddison Jones who had moved away. He was intrigued. She had changed beyond recognisation from the girl into a beautiful woman and if he ever decided to marry, it would be to her.

Would she agree to marriage with him? And would their marriage be real?

MONTANA REUNION is a sweet, sensual story. It is a lively contemporary romance with a sexy, gorgeous hero you will swoon over and a strong heroine whom you’d love. Author Soraya Lane once again brought this sparkling tale of unexpected friendship turning into red-hot passion. It is humour with steamy sensuality and heart tugging pathos. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed by TashNz

Having read Soraya Lane's stories in the past I knew I would be in for a treat.  I took a deep breath knowing my heartstrings would be emotionally tugged and turned the first page.

Montana Reunion is a beautiful heart-warming tale of two best friends and childhood neighbors who are drawn back together when Maddison returns from the bright lights and big city to their small and rural hometown.  Jack's father has passed away and he needs to marry in order to inherit the family farm, he's sure he can fight it in court but marrying Maddison will make everything easier.  Fresh from a break up Maddison agrees to the marriage of convenience and agrees to promise they wont have children.  It's Jack's one and only proviso due to his childhood so when Maddison does fall pregnant Jack is in shock and feels so betrayed by the one person in his life that he trusted.

I loved that Jack and Maddison were already friends.  The marriage of convenience didnt come about by any type of blackmail, it just felt right by both parties for their own reasons.  Jack and Maddison grew together and genuinely needed each other and the moment they realised this is truly moving.  

Soraya Lane has the ability to describe emotions and feelings, people and places down to a fine art and I love that because I become invested in the characters. A fantastic read that I was lucky enough to enjoy the majority of it while I was soaking up the sun at my local rose gardens, the perfect setting to become wrapped up in a heat-warming tale.

Montana Reunion will be the first of a series and by the time I turned the last page I could not wait for the next installment.