First Time For Everything by Aimee Carson

Reviewed by Desere

This was such fun and delightful read it had me laughing out loud and tearing up at the same time. Read it in one sitting,really could not put it down!

The book focused on always outspoken I bend the rules Jax, she gets thrown together with always a stickler for the rules attorney at law and simply delicious Blake.

He is trying to not be wild and reckless and jump into anything head first or at least anything but bed with Jax. She on the other hand is always up and ready for fun,and has fun causing a "stir". And boy oh boy does she cause a stir in his perfect world.

The characters were both a real delight to read about. Blake was such a real man and reading about how he reveals his fun side and Jax easing him out from his always rules are rules bubble was pure delight!

Off course both have reasons for being the way they are and the author laid that out to me as reader in stunning and vivid clarity.

I loved how the author delved into the real emotions and inner turmoil's that both characters have to deal with past and present and how she incorporates the "what we can do for each other" element.

The dialogue was a really page turner, it kept me entertained, it was fun, flirty and oh so very witty. I loved how Jax gave it as good as she got it right back to Mr. Stick to the rules Blake.

The law vs outlaw element was unique and really so much fun to read, the author not only let me as reader realise that sometimes you need to break a few rules, come out of your comfort zone and learn to have fun in order to find happiness, but also that no matter how hard your past seems there is always someone that will accept you for who you are and love you unconditionally.

I recommend this read not only to romance lovers but to anyone looking for a pick me up,it is guaranteed to not only enlighten you but guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and take away a powerful message.

5/5 star review

" Going up against the law one delicious, sexy kiss at a time"