The Wedding Must Go On by Robyn Grady

The Wedding Must Go On

Reviewed by Desere

Robyn Grady completely stunned me this time around. This book not only had the blazing hot passion and beautiful elements of love to be found, but also a real twist that gave the book the perfect on the other side there is love feeling.

The characters of Nate and Roxy were simply gorgeous. Both of their lives depend on a wedding that simply must go through and as Nate so very eagerly points out to feisty Roxy if he has to walk her down the isle himself to get what the business deal of the century for them both so be it!

And right her is where the book became one of sinful nights of passion, dreams being realised and blessings in the form of unexpected events becoming reality.

I simply loved how the author let me into the minds and of both characters, showing me as reader the way to the incredible future Nate and Roxy so richly deserved. I was drawn into the lives of these two with such a powerful force it felt like I was seeing the story unfold in front of my very eyes.Yes no jokes ladies, the author knows how to get her readers attention, hold onto it and blow your mind all at once.

What really got my attention was the manner in which the author took the time to lay out all the facts. There were none of those scenes where conversations are stopped in mid stride and I as reader have to guess the rest, you know the kind where he says, she says and then boom it just stops and it starts on the next scene leaving you thinking, "Huh, that's it, how was that situation resolved?"

Along with twists and turns that kept me as reader interested and intrigued, there was even a little curse or should I rather say blessing as it later becomes clear, that just added to the perfect romance being told.

This was a book of true romantic excellence! The dialogue was one of fun and wit but the author also did a splendid job at really going deep into the souls of her characters laying bare the facts, exposing their true feelings and brining it all together in a spectacular finale!

I not only recommend this read to all lovers of the Mills and Boon Modern Romance line but to any reader who loves romance and happy endings with a twist.

5/5 star review