Hot-Shot Doc Comes to Town by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Desere

Absolutely adored this book! Seriously could not stop reading and ended up reading it in one sitting. The story dealt with pass emotions keeping the characters captive in their current lives each too afraid to let go and find happiness.

But in true romance style this author took the emotional wrecks and brought them together with overwhelming emotion, passionate romance and a lesson of life that will stay with me for a long time.

Both the characters of Taylor and Shelby had their own up's and down's from life that have lead them to believe being alone and just focusing on work is the best option to stay away from hurt and from getting into trouble.

The both also are set in their own ways but with secrets from their past making it 's way into the light so to speak the book got more and more compelling and a real page turner.

The backdrop setting of the small town of Benton was perfect in to may ways,it added to the medical aspect of how medical emergencies in a small town can impact the lives of many when the right person of experience is not around. And how traumatic events even for those trained to deal with it can on the surface seem like they are just doing their jobs but behind the scenes it involves strong overpowering emotions of distress.

The author did a stunning job of using secondary characters to draw the two main characters together. The dialogue was at times fun and flirty but also got really serious which as reader reminded me that these situations can arise in real life just as quick and easy as the author can pen them down.

The entire read was a romantic passionate lesson of love and life happening in a small town for two Dr's whom finally heal each other's broken hearts.

Susan,I cannot wait for your next one!

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas

HOT-SHOT DOC COMES TO TOWN by author Susan Carlisle is a Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance release for January 2013.

She continued to serve the town with medical help after her husband died. It was their dream and she wanted to continue doing it. But when city doctor Taylor Stiles comes to town, Shelby was thrown in a quandary.

She was drawn toward Taylor yet she tried to keep her distance.

Would Shelby be able to ignore the simmering awareness just below the surface? For how long? After all Taylor would be going back to the big city, wouldn’t he?

And was Taylor ready to give Shelby what she needs? After all he has sworn never to have a home or a family!

HOT-SHOT DOC COMES TO TOWN is a lively contemporary medical romance with a strong heroine you will love and want to cherish and a gorgeous bad boy hero you are sure to swoon over. Susan Carlisle brings to live this sparkling tale of unexpected encounters which is warmly poignant and an engrossing romance.

Highly recommended.

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Reviewed by Maria

This medical romance from Susan Carlisle really resonated with me.  Not for any personal reason, but because I know from what I’ve seen in life that falling in love and romancing someone nice is wonderful – but sometimes, it takes more than just a  little adjustment or two  to accommodate a lover as a personal fixture in you actual existence as opposed to a diversion..  This is exactly the problem which Dr Taylor Styles and Dr Shelby Wayne find themselves encountering when they meet and fall in love.  She, Dr Shelby,  runs a clinic in a small town community – the place where she and her late husband had dreamed of raising a family.  Running that clinic in her darkest hours of loss gave her a sense of purpose which nothing else could.  She feels strongly attached now and can’t dream of walking away.  But walking away from small town life is exactly what he, Dr Taylor, wants to do.  He had a particularly dark childhood in a small town and he never, ever wants to go back there again.  He wants to leave the claustrophobic community behind and remain with the bright lights in the big city.

Yet the small community draws him in and he become a part of their lives, confiding in him their joys and sorrows, their issues and problems.  He begins to realize that he may not dislike life in a small town  a much as he thought it would.  For her part, she has to learn to detach a little from the clinic at the heart of the  local community and discover  herself.  In other words, get a life.

So how do each of these special people find the middle ground?  You’d have to read this book to find out.  But I promise you, it will be worth it.  Susan Carlisle's writing brought this story vividly alive and the characters were as real to me as the person sitting beside me as I was reading.

An enjoyable, emotional read with a satisfying and credible conclusion.