When in Paris by Beverley Kendall

When in Paris... (Language of Love, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

This was my first time reading a New Adult Novel and I will be very honest and say that I was not expecting too much purely because I prefer my characters to be older, wiser and more experienced. I already knew that Beverley Kendall is a brilliant author and if anyone could pull it off it would be her, so I figured it is worth a try.

I was pleasantly surprised, the book had flare and a real sweetness to it. The characters were strong and well written and both quite interesting for 19 year old's. Zach was a bit of a arrogant, annoying, stuck up bad boy in the start but as the book took life the author showed me as reader his sweeter side and just exactly which type of guy he can be.

Olivia was the character I really felt sorry for as she has had some up's and down's in life but has dealt with it all in her own way, but of course the hurt lingers. That hurt gets overturned when Zach arises feelings she always knew she had for him only never thought that she would actually get the chance to see them brought to life.

The book was told from Zach and Oliva's first point of view that I found a bit odd as I cannot say that I am use to it and it did take me about 47 pages to get use to it, but I cannot say I found it all that bad, it actually made for very interesting reading.

Paris of course is where the magic in this book happened and the author did a brilliant job at letting me as reader pick up on what was to come. I found no nasty surprises making me want to go "No, that was not suppose to happen!".

The sex scenes were sweet in the first time young lovers sense, and not to hot and heavy, after all the book is focused on new adult and I reckon if the author made the scenes any different or even added anything more spicy than it would have ruined the sweetness and kindness of first time experiences that the author brought forth.

The dialogue was not too emotional and easy to read, even though I am not overly familiar with today's teenage lingo (believe me I thought if the author uses slang I will surly be lost) yet I could not pick up on anything that did not convey the message of the scene to me, and at all times I was in the loop.

The overuse of the word Christ was a bit too much for me personally, I am use to it being displayed in books but not quite so many times as I picked up in this book, could be because I was not expecting young people to use it that much and it took some effort to wrap my mind around it.

That aside I could honestly not find fault with the book. It was romantic, sweet and sexy. And also a very quick read, scenes did not take forever to play out but moved along nice and quickly making the book a read in one sitting kind.

I would recommend it to anyone of the new adult age group, if your looking for something new and fresh and  not too hot and heavy this is the read for you. The fact that the author is a brilliant one made the book even more enjoyable as she has a unique manner of drawing a reader in and telling your mind " Stay right there and watch I am about to dazzle you!"

4/5 star review