Unforgettable by Elise K.Ackers

Reviewed by Desere

This was a really fun, interesting and suspense filled read! Loved it!!

The plot involved a woman focused on helping the love of her life to regain his memory after a accident has left him with amnesia.  However, what made it interesting is that she tells him, they need to be discreet about it which is always a given in some situations where office romance comes into play, but the real page turner here is that she has a secret as to just exactly what tore them apart in the first place.

Yes,I kid you not ladies,she wants him and wants him bad, but has lost him once and has the chance to get him back which is easy as he wants her too,only there is a real mind blowing secret that kept me as reader glued to my seat and I simply could not let go of this read until I got to the bottom of it.

The book had it all, romance, passion, suspense, action and intrigue. The main characters were simply fascinating and both such a delight to read about, the author pulled back layer after layer delving deep into each ones personality and heartaches.

I adored the manner used by the author to reveal the deep, dark "secret" Emma holds. What was really interesting to read was how Conner gave subtle and ever so gentle pushes to get Emma to trust him enough to reveal it all,so gentle that if you are reader are not paying attention you will miss it,which to me as reader gave that true suspense and mysterious feel to it all.

Aside from the characters and plot being a memorable and remarkable one,this was a truly extremely well written book, truly a compelling read. The author has a unique way of getting your attention,holding it right throughout the book and at the same time delivering on each and every aspect the plot promises.

This was a emotional roller-coaster of a read. With a deep and powerful message being given to me as reader from the author. I very much look forward to more reads from this author.

5/5 star review

"Re-walking the path of love and life to grab your second chance with both hands"

Reviewed by Nas

UNFORGETTABLE by author Elise K. Ackers is a January 2013 release from Escape Publishing, the digital arm of Harlequin Australia.

Emma blames herself for Connor’s accident as he lay in hospital suffering from amnesia. But could she give him back his memories?

She had her own secrets. What would happen when Connor regain his memory and realize why he had separated from Emma in the first place?

UNFORGETTABLE takes us to unexpected depths of human relationships and trust. The author Elise K. Ackers bring this powerful story of a person suffering from amnesia and his personal relationship with such realistic imaginary that we are in there with him all the way. It’s a wonderfully poignant tale of old passions, second chances and everlasting love!

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