Isle of Sensuality by Aimee Duffy


Reviewed by Desere

This read was absolutely breathtaking! I completely enjoyed each and every minute of it. I could not put it down and it was like a drug, I was addicted to each and every sentence and needed more!

We have all seen on screen attractions between co-stars and then a little while later we sometimes get to read in the gossip columns that the two are now dating and that the heat on screen is just as hot off screen.

But I can with all honesty say I have never thought about the behind the scenes part of attraction, what goes through the on screen lovers mind when they are feeling real heat while it is being filmed for all the world to see, I personally would be embarrassed!

In Isle of Sensuality the author took me not only behind the scenes of it all she conveyed every aspect, complication and emotion of it all combined with excellent writing and brought it all together with such a powerful force it left me in awe of just how hot it can get during and long after the cameras have stopped filming.

The author did a excellent job at conveying the in depth emotions of both Jake and Caitlin. And both characters were simply superb! I wanted to cry for poor Caitlin in some instances and at other times I was ready to hit Jake so hard! Yes ladies I am being completely serious when I say the book was so well written and so powerful it was as good as watching it on screen and seeing the lives of these two play out in front of me!

The backdrop was simply perfect in every sense of the word, so romantic! What I totally adored was how the author not only used sizzling attraction between Caitlin and Jake to make for some really scorching reading but she also let it build to such a feverish pitch and then let it explode with such a deliciously hot bang it left me completely breathless and in absolute amazement.

Not wanting to give it all away here as believe me this is a book you simply do not want to miss out on. I will say only this, it is the perfect read for any lover of romance or for lovers of absolutely powerful, emotional, sensual, captivating and compelling reads. This book had it all and so much more. It will for sure hit the best selling list.

Exquisite writing from a brilliant author, I cannot wait for the next read from a definite rising star! Aimee bring us more!

5/5 star review
"Burning up the sheets with your co-star has never been this HOT"