Her New Worst Enemy by Christy McKellen

Her New Worst Enemy cover.jpg

Reviewed by Desere

Ellie is in a slump, has been for the last six months. Her fiancée left her for another hotter woman. And all this after she had their future all planned out. The only thing that she can focus her attention on for now is helping her best friend from making a mistake.

And for help she goes to her brothers best friend Gideon DeLancy, Mr. I am hotter than the sun and I burn up the sheets with any willing woman,and then discard them for another.

Gideon knows he will live to regret it but to keep Ellie from trouble and as a silent favour to her family that took him under their wings. He goes with the flow and they head out to his estate or rather should I say castle as it is really no ordinary home.

Only once he and Ellie are in confined places and situations together neither one can seem to keep their hands of each other. Gideon makes her feel like a real woman again, after her ex degraded her on every level he could think of. They both decide after their return home sex is off the table.

But once they leave and get back to the city, it proves easier said then done. And yes you guessed it a series of events follow that for me as reader had me rooting for these two all the way.

The author did a brilliant job at taking two lost characters both needing to find peace and come to terms with  the stones life has thrown at them, and brought them together with a bang!

What was interesting was that the author not only pulled the characters past into the mix to show me as reader the reasoning as to just exactly why both have issues that they very clearly need to sort out in order to really move on, but she incorporated the little things such as Ellie crying when she sees a child or the reasoning behind her baggy clothes. Not many authors focus on these and sometimes for me as reader I need to try to pick up on those by using imagination, as you only get the reason why the character is so touchy or guarded. But not really all the situations or comments that set their emotions off.

But this author gave it all, and more by carefully taking me as reader on a journey of self discovery, letting go of the past and finding what you have been looking for is right in front of you.

The book can also be a real eye opener to readers that have suffered verbal and emotional abuse. The book had passion and a level of emotion that brought me to tears.

The dialogue was at times a little bit funny but most of the time really serious. The author also really gave the book that "love set in the country side" feeling with stunning descriptions, she certainly has a very vivid imagination which to me as reader is always very important.

The sex scenes where hot yet a little different, as if you are into the normal ordinary sex scenes from laid back contemporary romances, some instances such as a very sexy mirror scene you might be somewhat shocked. For myself as reader I am never too overly troubled by those or shocked for that matter and I found the sex very tasteful.

If your in the mood for a spicy yet different kind of romance read focusing on learning how to love yourself and the one your with and shake of the past, then this is the read for you.

4/5 star review