Necessary Detour by Kim Hornsby

Necessary Detour

Reviewed by Desere

This read was a fun, action filled romance that left me hanging onto the edge of my seat in suspense and mystery!

The book is about Goldy, after an attack from a stalker she takes off for a secluded lake house, where she hopes she will be safe.

Soon the arrival of her mysterious and sexy as sin in neighbour Pete sets off a series of events that leaves her in doubt as to if she will ever make it out alive.

Sounds like a movie, well I can tell you if it was then it would be a box office hit!

The characterization of both main and secondary characters were brilliantly written by the author, there was mysterious ones, fun ones, scary ones, and the kick ass kind!

The backdrop settings were exquisite, mirroring the emotions of the characters to the point where I could taste the fear of Goldy and feel the pure desperation she goes through.

The author has a unique style of taking mystery to new heights not to mention the romance, whilst reading I could not for one moment say I was bored or not intrigued.

The author's writing in truly unpredictable, your still thinking that you finally have this mystery and romance all figured out and it will come to a wrap, and the next moment the author throws you a curve ball sending you straight back to edge-of-your-seat reading.

A compelling, truly awesome read for all lovers of action mystery combined with heartfelt romance.
5/5 star review

" Enemy of death or hero of her heart"