NYC Angels: Heiress's Baby Scandal by Janice Lynn

Reviewed by Desere

This is book two from the Mills and Boon NYC Angels Medical Series. I was again taken into the world and lives of the staff of Angels Hospital and the truly amazing job the Dr's and nurses behind the scenes do when saving lives. This time I got to learn more about a character that popped up during the first book, Eleanor Aston.

Eleanor is daughter to a Senator and has always been mindful of what and where she does out in public, having more than once faced the paparazzi and their hurtful words always aimed at her and her appearance, after all she will never be her sister, she knows it is better to stick to wearing her scrubs and helping the kids.

So when dream hunk-romance your pants off cowboy turned Dr, yes you read it right a cowboy turned Dr, what more could any woman ask for it's like the perfect man, sets his sights on her she as three thoughts, first she has no idea what the man sees in her, second she needs to run before she falls for the Texas charm so many woman before her has and risk loosing her heart and third why not let go and live a little, just for one night. That is until that one night turns into so much more than she bargained for.

The characters of Ellie and Ty were in all aspects simply the perfect couple, Ellie being the shy and reserved daughter and Ty being the one to show her just how much of a woman she really is, and Ellie in turn showing him a side of himself he never knew existed.

Ty was a character after my own heart, strong, sexy as sin, smart, kind,caring, funny yes ladies the man has it all!  But he also has some demons from his past that when rearing it's head in this read showed the scared little boy he is inside, and the author did a brilliant job at letting the scared little boy unfold to a man that stands up for what he believes in. Ellie was also stunningly transformed by the author into something so much more than just a heiress.

The backdrop setting  included of course New York City and the Angels Hospital, but also a exquisite ranch out in Texas, described in vivid detail by the author giving me as reader that open spaces and freedom feeling that goes with Texas, but the author also let a message of being who you want to be in life be mirrored through her descriptions of the land, horses and family living there.

The dialogue was fun, witty and sexy! I loved how the author let the words flow from the pages and it was as if I could touch the emotions of the characters whilst being taken on a journey of acceptance.

A heartfelt, sensual, and compelling read.

5/5 star review
"This cowboy wants to ride all the way back to the altar"