NYC Angels: Redeeming The Playboy by Carol Marinelli

Reviewed by Desere

This is book one in the new exciting Mills and Boon NYC Angels Medical series. I was not only introduced to a hospital where everyone involves fight for those who can't but also to what happens behind the closed doors of  those who have to keep their emotional detachment in tact whilst fighting for a better tomorrow.

The read tells the story of Nina, social worker who fights for the rights of children and their parents whilst going head to head with the staff of Angles Hospital, she says the children stay with the parents and Angels say they go. The one person who is always up in arms about it all is sexy as sin, strip me now, take me and make me yours,head Paediatrician Jack Carter.

Jack discards woman faster and more often than surgical gloves! But when he gets Nina into his bed he suddenly gets a taste of his own medicine as Nina holds back any emotion and upholds an image of "I love 'em and leave 'em".

Not liking it one bit Jack sets his sights on getting Nina to let go, but what he discovers is that there is more to Nina than meets the eye, and getting her to reveal all proves more difficult than he thought, and soon a battle of wills ensue that leaves both their lives in need of emergency care.

The main characters were both wonderfully written by the author, Nina is the woman who most of us today either is or wants to be, she works hard for what she believes in and to ensure her future for a family will be met. She never takes time out to play, instead always thinking of others. I loved how the author let Nina really be passionate about her clients, as so often I hear about social workers not really caring about what happens afterwards and instead just want to get it done and over with.

Jack is the kind of hero I totally adore, yes a bit of a jerk but when he gets the run around from Nina and sees his own actions from past relationships filter through he becomes the type of hero we all would love to have, the author beautifully transforms him from regular jerk-them-around to perfect-everlasting-hero.

The backdrop setting of New York was absolutely perfect as the author let the wild, restless heart of the city be portrayed through her characters, bringing home the message of the city never sleeps and neither do the rescuing angels.

The author gave me tearful moments with the mention of children and what some need to go through by the hands of others, but there was also family moments that brought the read to live with very vividly described instances of just how the outside image is not what is necessarily being experienced on the inside.

The dialogue was very fun to read during scenes where Nina and Jack go head to head during moments of passion and of conflict, but the author also packed a emotional punch with her words and I could truly hear the sounds of staff running for emergencies, and taste the despair and hurt the characters go through.

The sexual heat was of the flirty and very sexy kind, the author burned up the pages with hotter than hot sex scenes and I might also add a very scorching office scene, the kind to leave you breathless and all excited to see what happens next.

A compelling, sensual, sexy, emotionally packed, drama filled read, that will leave you begging for more!

5/5 star review

" Playboy becomes rescuing angel to the family of his dreams"