Lost in London by Aditi Chopra

Lost In London

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine falling in love with two people at the same time and having to choose. It is a story that I have heard many times but not yet read about, but I have learned that sometimes the truth is that you love the one but the other is a feeling of pure lust, and choosing is an open answer.

In Lost in London I was shown the complications when having feelings for two and not knowing which way to turn.

The book introduced me to Rahul, he finds himself in London meeting the delicate and sweet Priya, they start their love affair however, Priya is unsure and holds back her feelings and instead lets Rahul return to San Diego without revealing her true feelings.

Rahul in the mean time becomes attracted to Mona a fellow co -worker, and the journey of falling in lust vs falling in love starts. The characters were very intriguing as the author slowly guided me through their various emotions and what ultimately leads to a life changing decision for them both.

I fully understood why the personality of Priya lets her hold back and not fight for what or who she wants, however I would have liked her to have a little more spunk at some stage.

The backdrop setting of London was beautifully described by the author giving me the perfect view on images I can only picture in my mind.

I found the dialogue to be passionate and emotional, letting the message of finding and recognising true love shine through in vivid colour breaking through a world of confusion.

This was very well written book, the author used the lust vs love element to her full advantage. The read weighed in at 10 chapters therefore it was a story read but with a powerful impact.

At the end of the day the author delivered a emotional read and a great message.
4/5 star review

"Choosing the path to your destiny"

Reviewed by Maria

This  one is what we in India would call an NRI (that’s Non Resident Indian, for the uninitiated) romance.  Priya, who lives London, falls for Rahul, a US based executive who has been visiting London on business.  In spite of her over protective mother, Priya steals time with her lover in Paris, Rome, Venice and even in San Diego where he lives..  However, the path of true love never runs smooth and that is as true of Indians as it is of anyone else.  Rahul’s colleague Mona, another Indian girl, is very attracted to him and is ready to fight  to get Priya out of his life.  Rahul has to learn to be a bit proactive in his love life and to in fact fight for Priya if he wants to stay with her.  Priya has had to learn to speak up and defend her private life against well meaning but interfering relatives.  Rahul has to learn to be as courageous as she is.

What struck me about this novel, however, was the fact that it was written in Indian English, with a mixture of British and US English.  There were one or two howlers too, especially where Rahul’s boss in San Diego was pleased with Rahul’s ‘execution in London’.  I had visions of Rahul facing the hangman, not executing a project. But seriously, many Indians speak a version of English which is known as Indian English, not incorrect, just different.  There were some words spelt in US style and some in British style.  In order to do justice to this book, a skilled editor is required, someone who understands the complexities of the  regional differences in the language. 

My rating of 4/5 is given in spite of the language errors.  I’ve ignored them for now.  This author could do well, but I do suggest she gives her editing some serious thought.  Books written and published in English in  India do very well in this regard, with a high standard of international English.