Her Man From Shilo by Robyn Rychards

Reviewed by Desere

Her Man From Shilo was a deeply tender and emotional read from start to finish. The book tells the story of Daimiana, since the age of four she had the man she was going to marry all picked out and just waiting to grow up so she could grab her chance.

Rafferty has always seen Daimiana as the little girl that through the years has grown into a woman that sets his soul of fire, and is most of all off limits. But as fate would have it they do marry, however after seven years of marriage and they are still living apart and have never consummated the marriage, but after Rafferty's stepfather decides it is time for him to marry the girl next door, it gives Rafferty the out he has been looking for.

Together he and Daimiana decide to bring their marriage out into the open, only it remains a marriage in name only as Rafferty battles his own demons and fights to do everything in his power not to complicate it with sex. Daimiana however has plans, she has the ring and the marriage certificate all she needs is the man in her bed!

The character of Daimiana was the kind I like, strong and feisty willing to fight for what she wants however at the same time she was also able to back off when the moment called for it, which made her likeable and fun to read.  Rafferty however was one I wanted to strangle and shake, just to wake him up to let him see what is standing right in front of him, and tell him to get his butt in gear before he looses it all.

The backdrop setting of a gorgeous land was exquisitely described by the author, leaving me with a sense of peace and serenity as I envisioned the mountain tops and green valleys. The dialogue was strong and emotional, falling into place with the rocky mountains as it portrays the turmoil and heartache the characters are feeling much like the mountains being as unpredictable as they are romantic.

The sexual level was of a high to low kind as the two characters much like a horse going from a gallop to a full out run, go from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. If your the kind of reader that prefers your books to spell it out for you from the moment they touch right through to the moment after this read is not for you, the author left the imagination of sex up to the reader by going from the kiss straight to the moment after.

This has always been a dislike for me, however this author did the unique trick of pulling it off by letting the words spoken afterwards distract me as reader all together from the unwritten sex scene I have come to know, and bringing me back to the real message being outlined.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of romance with loads of drama, heartache and love found. I predict many more dramatic reads coming from this author.
5/5 star review
" She will do anything to finally have him in her arms"